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      Midjourney AI is an AI art generator that creates art from text in seconds. To generate prompts in Midjourney for Youtube, you can use simple and common prompts like we will show you below and we will show how to be specific in your phrase. Here are some examples of Midjourney prompts:

      • Generate images with Midjourney: Use Midjourney to create eye-catching and relevant images for your thumbnails. For example, you can use a prompt like “a man with boxes looking intrigued” to generate images related to the content of your video.


      • Select and choose images: Pick the best images generated by Midjourney that are relevant to your video content and that grab the viewer’s attention.


      • Edit and enhance images with Photopea: If needed, use Photopea (a free version of Adobe Photoshop) to add text, make final adjustments, and ensure the thumbnail is in the correct format (e.g., 16:9 aspect ratio)¬†.


      • Apply design techniques: Experiment with different design techniques, such as using short prompts, long prompts, or even using images as prompts, to create unique and impactful thumbnails.

      Prompts for YouTube thumbnails with Midjourney AI (You can add more detail to each prompt to suit your need):

      • A man with boxes looking intrigued (build of man, what he’s wearing, hair color, size of boxes, where he’s standing and more)


      • A woman holding a camera in front of a city skyline¬†


      • A close-up of a person’s face with a surprised expression


      • A group of people laughing and having fun


      • A person standing in front of a colorful background with arms raised


      • A person holding a microphone and speaking to a crowd


      • A person jumping in the air with a scenic background


      • A person holding a product with a happy expression


      • A person doing a physical activity with a scenic background


      • A person holding a sign with a message related to the video content


      • A person juggling fire in a circus setting


      • A person wearing a VR headset exploring a virtual world


      • A person riding a skateboard through a cityscape


      • A person doing a backflip on a trampoline


      • A person holding a book with a mysterious symbol


      • A person standing in front of a futuristic city skyline


      • A person wearing a superhero cape with a city in the background


      • A person playing a musical instrument in a concert hall


      • A person doing a handstand against a wall


      • A person holding a sign with a funny or surprising message (add detail about what the person is wearing etc.)

      These prompts can be used to generate images with Midjourney AI, which can then be edited and enhanced with tools like Photopea to create eye-catching and relevant YouTube thumbnails.

      A good YouTube thumbnail should be eye-catching, relevant, and effectively communicate the content of the video. Key factors that contribute to a good YouTube thumbnail (MrBeast is a good example):

      • Use the Correct Image Size: Ensure your thumbnail is of the recommended size (1280 x 720 pixels) to maintain quality and visibility.


      • Incorporate Text: Add text to provide context and attract viewers. Use a legible font and keep the text concise.


      • Create Contrast: Use bright backgrounds and fine contrast to make the thumbnail visually appealing and easy to understand.


      • Brand Recognition: Build a recognizable brand by using consistent colors, fonts, and styles in your thumbnails.


      • Emotional Appeal: Incorporate elements that evoke emotion and pique the viewer’s interest.


      • Test and Refine: Experiment with different thumbnail designs and monitor their performance to identify what resonates with your audience.


      • High-Quality Images: Use high-quality, clear images that accurately represent the video content.


      • Close-Up Images: Close-up images can be effective in drawing attention to the thumbnail.


      • Display a Face: Including a person’s face in the thumbnail can help create a personal connection with the viewer.


      • Implement the “Rule of Thirds”: Position key elements along the lines and intersections of the “Rule of Thirds” grid to create a balanced and visually appealing composition.

      Make Youtube thumbnails with Midjourney AI

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