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      Adobe is releasing its own AI art image generator called Firefly. Firefly is the new family of creative generative AI models coming to Adobe products, focusing first on image and text effect generation. It has the potential to do much, much more. It will include context-aware image generation that will save countless hours. It can even generate custom vectors and textures from just a few words or even a sketch on your drawing pad. You can then edit your sketch using the tools they already have.


      Adobe say, everything has been designed from the ground up. The model is trained on a dataset of Adobe Stock, along with openly licensed work and public domain content where copyright has expired. Copies of customer content will not be included in the Firefly models.


      They are leaping forward with video. You can change the mood, atmosphere, or even the weather by describe what you want. Change the colors and settings to match. Content creation got much easier. Create unique posters, banners, social posts, and more with a simple text prompt. This can also be done by uploading a mood board and letting firefly generate unique templates from your mood board.


      With 3D Firefly can turn compositions into realistic images and create new styles and variations of 3D objects. Firefly is to help people expand upon their natural creativity. Firefly will be integrated into existing services and software, like Photoshop, After Effects and the Substance 3D Collection.


      What is generative AI

      Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that is capable of creating new and original data based on a given set of input data (can translate ordinary words and other inputs into images). It works by using a neural network that is trained on a large dataset of examples to learn patterns and relationships in the data. Once the neural network has learned these patterns, it can generate new data that is similar in style or content to the original dataset.


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