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      There are some common questions around who owns the images created with Midjourney’s AI image generation capabilities. According to Midjourney’s terms of service, the person who writes and submits the prompt owns the copyright to any images the AI produces. Here are some key details on Midjourney image ownership:

      • The person who writes and submits the prompt used to generate an image owns the copyright to that image.


      • Midjourney claims no ownership rights or copyrights to images created by users. The images belong to the user.


      • Users have the right to use, modify, reproduce, publicly display, and share images they’ve created with Midjourney.


      • However, Midjourney says users should not sell AI-generated images as their sole creative output, unless significantly modified.


      • Users cannot submit prompts intended to recreate copyrighted images or content belonging to someone else. That would be copyright infringement.


      • Midjourney says their AI will reject prompts attempting to recreate specific copyrighted works.


      • For commercial use of Midjourney-generated content, it’s best to modify the images to make them your own original creations.


      • Midjourney’s license allows personal, non-commercial use of images. For commercial use, acquire separate licenses.

      So, the Midjourney user who crafts and submits the prompt owns the image generated, not Midjourney. But take care when using AI art commercially or deriving it from copyrighted source material.

      who owns midjourney images

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