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      Midjourney can envision photography across styles and genres when provided with prompts describing camera techniques, lighting, detailed subjects, settings, composition, color, and mood. Thoughtful photographic prompts allow you to realize both real and imagined images.

      Using Midjourney to generate realistic photography:

      • Specify a camera type like “DSLR”, “35mm”, “iPhone photo” to set the style.


      • Indicate lighting such as “golden hour”, “night photography”, “harsh midday light” to control mood and shadows.


      • Suggest photographic techniques like “shallow depth of field”, “motion blur”, “panning”, “macro”, etc.


      • Describe the subject in detail – poses, expressions, outfits, colors, etc. The more visual info the better.


      • Set the scene clearly – location, backdrop, props, weather, season, time of day. This establishes the context.


      • Use compositional terms – rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry, patterns, framing, etc.


      • Request realistic styles like “photojournalistic”, “artistic portrait”, “fashion editorial”, “documentary”.


      • Mention color palettes like “muted earth tones”, “moody black and white”, “neon signs at night”


      Some examples:

      Fashion model poses artfully in couture gown against grungy urban alley wall, dramatic side lighting.

      Sunset golden hour beach scene, shallow depth of field focuses on surfers carrying boards through tide pools.

      Extreme closeup of a dewdrop hanging from a green leaf, soft natural light, very shallow depth of field

      Fisheye lens photo looking up at giant sequoia tree, sunbeams streaming down through branches

      Still life of antique books and scientific tools, overhead view, wooden table, window light

      Joyful toddler mid-jump on beach at golden hour, silhouette against the sunset sea

      Fashion model lounging in designer gown on art deco velvet couch, muted colors, dramatic lighting

      Doctor in scrubs and mask consoling crying patient in hospital room, intimate emotional moment

      Row of fall maple trees lining a road through the countryside, autumn leaves, panning motion blur

      With thoughtful details, Midjourney can produce stunning photographic images covering various techniques, styles, and subjects. You can build on these prompt examples.

      The best Midjourney prompts for Photography

      The best Midjourney prompts for Photography

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