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      Midjourney can produce stunning building exterior and interior renderings when provided with prompts describing architectural styles, materials, lighting, details, and other characteristics. Thoughtful text prompts allow you to realize your vision for real or imagined structures.

      Architectural visualizations with Midjourney AI:

      • Specify architectural styles – “modernist”, “art deco”, “brutalist”, “Victorian”


      • Suggest building types – “skyscraper”, “arena”, “church”, “suburban home”


      • Describe construction materials – “glass”, “steel”, “brick”, “timber”


      • Set the scene – “downtown cityscape”, “isolated in the desert”, “on a hill overlooking the sea”


      • Indicate a purpose – “library”, “museum”, “hotel lobby”, “factory”


      • Provide details like – “curved walls”, “arched doorways”, “vaulted ceilings”, “spiral staircase”


      • Define lighting – “soft daylight streaming through windows”, “lit up at dusk”, “nighttime streetlights”


      • Pick interesting angles – “aerial/birds-eye view”, “looking up from below”, “isometric”, “wide-angle”


      • Suggest adjectives – “sleek”, “imposing”, “modernist”, “minimalist”


      Some examples:

      “Minimalist modern house perched on seaside cliffs, geometric shapes, floor-to-ceiling windows, nighttime lighting”

      “Interior of a grand old library, ornate crown molding, oak shelves and ladders, reading nooks lit by table lamps”

      Sunrise lighting hitting the glass grid facade of a skyscraper with plants built into each balcony, rooftop garden

      Wide-angle view of a modern airport terminal interior with soaring ceilings, endless glass, cascading fountains, sunlight streaming through

      Imposing Gothic cathedral exterior in black and white, flying buttresses, stone statue accents, gargoyles on the roofline

      Luxurious Art Deco hotel lobby and bar interior, marble walls and floors, geometric metalwork, patrons mingling

      Interior of biomorphic architecture exhibit space, curved white walls, mod seating, accent lighting, glimpses of nature through oval windows

      Cross-section cutaway view revealing floors of a futuristic smart building, innovative structural elements labeled

      By specifying architectural styles, materials, lighting qualities, details, and perspectives, Midjourney can effectively visualize your building designs. Feel free to build on these prompts!

      The Best Midjourney prompts for Architecture

      The Best Midjourney prompts for Architecture

      The Best Midjourney prompts for Architecture

      The Best Midjourney prompts for Architecture

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