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      Midjourney can create stunning anime-inspired art when provided with prompts describing common anime elements like exaggerated eyes, dynamic poses, costumes, characters, settings, and art styles. The key is providing descriptive details to envision the anime scene.

      Some tips for generating anime-style images with Midjourney AI art:

      • Use keywords like “anime”, “manga”, “chibi” to specify the anime aesthetic.


      • Describe exaggerated anime eyes with details like “large sparkling”, “colorful irises”, “long lashes.”


      • Suggest common anime hair styles like “spikey”, “pigtails”, “bob cut”, “brightly colored.”


      • Request anime facial expressions like “mischievous grin”, “excited smile”, “brooding stare”, “blushing.”


      • Use classic anime character archetypes like “cute magical girl”, “plucky mecha pilot”, “brooding antihero”, “stoic samurai.”


      • Put characters in familiar anime settings like “cherry blossom schoolyard”, “bustling Tokyo street”, “misty shrine”, “space battle.”


      • Specify an art style like “studio Ghibli”, “shojo”, “chibi”, “retro 80s anime.”


      • Prompt dynamic poses like “running with arms back”, “leaping with katana”, “concentrating with fire magic.”


      • Suggest costumes like “sailor scout outfit”, “magical girl dress”, “ninja gi”, “mecha robot suit.”


      Some example prompts:

      A cheerful magical anime girl with pink hair posing cutely with a wand, glitter effects.

      80s retro anime scene of friends hanging out in Tokyo, vibrant neon cityscape.

      A cute pastel magical girl anime character smiling with flowing pink hair, holding a rabbit sidekick

      Shonen anime scene of a spiky blue-haired hero wielding a giant sword as he faces off against a dragon

      Studio Ghibli style fantasy forest with a little girl in a red hat following cute soot spirits

      Retro 80s baseball anime protagonist giving a thumbs up, fiery spirit energy effects

      Female ninja anime character crouched on a rooftop overlooking neon lit cityscape

      Adorable short chibi anime figures of the solar system planets, smiling with simple expressions

      Hand-drawn minimalist manga page of two friends eating rice balls under cherry blossom tree

      Midjourney’s artistic AI can produce amazing anime creations tailored to your vision with the right descriptive prompts.

      The Best Midjourney prompts for Anime

      The Best Midjourney prompts for Anime

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