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      Football is a game of intense action, swaggering personalities, and larger-than-life moments. With AI art generators like Midjourney, we can visualize the gridiron game like never before. When crafting prompts, include rich details and context to spark the imagination.

      American football prompt ideas to try generating art with Midjourney:

      Tom Brady throwing a touchdown pass, the football a blur as it leaves his hands

      An epic portrait of Lawrence Taylor in a menacing football stance, nostrils flared

      Walter Payton running through defenders, his legs churning as he breaks tackles

      Jerry Rice leaping to catch a pass, fully extended and reaching for the ball

      A creative logo for the Denver Broncos featuring a galloping bronco with flaming mane

      Barry Sanders spinning away from a diving tackle, his body contorting as he stays on his feet

      Joe Montana rolling out and scanning the field during a game-winning Super Bowl drive

      Aaron Donald bursting through the offensive line, arms outstretched to sack the quarterback

      Lamar Jackson juking defenders with his quick footwork and agility, leaving them grasping at air

      A scenic overhead view of Lambeau Field, with the Packers’ logo at midfield

      Ray Lewis dancing and hyping up the crowd after a sack, his eyes wide with intensity

      Odell Beckham Jr. making a one-handed touchdown grab, the ball stuck to his fingertips

      Patrick Mahomes throwing a no-look pass, his body facing one way as he passes the other

      A creative logo for the Pittsburgh Steelers featuring a robotic steeler flexing oil-stained muscles

      Troy Polamalu diving to intercept a pass, his long hair trailing behind him

      Jim Brown bowing his head as he charges through defenders with pure power

      Peyton Manning changing the play at the line of scrimmage, pointing and shouting

      A scenic overhead view of AT&T Stadium in Dallas, the huge video board lit up

      Terrell Owens celebrating a touchdown, arms outstretched on the star at midfield

      The key is to provide lots of vivid descriptive details – a player’s signature move or expression, context of a big play or game, the atmosphere of a stadium, etc. This will give Midjourney’s AI plenty to work with in generating stunning football art.

      The best Midjourney American Football prompts

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