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      Midjourney can envision original characters with personality when provided prompts describing their physical attributes, outfits, archetypes, poses, props and settings. Crafting descriptive details allows Midjourney to interpret your vision for a unique character.

      Generating engaging character art with Midjourney AI:

      • Provide plenty of descriptive details – age, gender, race, clothing, hairstyle, distinctive features


      • Suggest character archetypes – warrior, wizard, robot, astronaut, superhero, princess, etc.


      • Specify an outfit that fits their personality or role – armor, uniform, casual wear, robes, etc.


      • Describe their expression – smiling, angry, pensive, mysterious, laughing, determined


      • Set the mood with lighting – backlit, chiaroscuro, rim light, spot lit, muted colors


      • Place them in a setting that adds context – spaceship control room, magical forest, cyberpunk city street


      • Suggest a style that fits the character – realistic, cartoon, anime, geometric, sketchy, painterly


      • Provide details about props, weapons, tools they would use – staff, sword, blaster, relic


      • Direct their pose – standing heroically, crouching sneakily, casting a spell, playing music


      Some example prompts:

      Anime-style astronaut floating gracefully in space with planet in visor reflection

      Portrait of an elder wizard with long gray beard and purple robes, holding an ancient tome

      A cowboy android with piercing glowing eyes and a worn leather hat, holding a blaster pistol

      Fairytale princess with long braided blonde hair in a pink gown, smiling softly near a unicorn

      Brooding antihero half in shadows, dark cape flowing, conjuring magic between hands

      Teenage girl fixing futuristic bike by neon signs, punk outfit, spiked mohawk hairstyle

      Adorable short gnome alchemist carrying potions and books in a satchel, smiling with joy

      Alien bounty hunter obscured by helmet and armor, wrist computer glowing, holding a blaster rifle

      With the right mix of descriptive details, Midjourney’s AI can generate compelling original characters matching your creative vision.

      Popular Midjourney prompts for creating any characters

      Popular Midjourney prompts for creating any characters

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