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      Midjourney can produce impressively realistic photos when provided with detailed descriptions of subjects, backgrounds, lighting, camera techniques, composition and more. The key is prompting photographic elements that mimic real life.

      Tips for generating realistic looking photos with Midjourney AI:

      • Use keywords like “photorealistic”, “high resolution”, or “hd” in your prompt.


      • Provide lots of descriptive details about the subject – clothing, facial expressions, environment, etc.


      • Specify a background that adds relevant context – beach, office, car interior, bedroom.


      • Indicate lighting that makes sense – daylight, nighttime, harsh shadows, spotlight.


      • Direct a realistic camera angle – eye level, worm’s view, aerial establishing shot.


      • Suggest depth of field to mimic photography – sharp foreground, blurred background.


      • Reference photographic techniques – shallow focus, panning, macro, Dutch tilt.


      • Request color palettes and filters – black and white, muted tones, film grain.


      • Use compositional terms – rule of thirds, leading lines, framing, symmetry.


      Some examples:

      A photorealistic close up portrait of an elderly man with wrinkles and eyeglasses, soft window lighting.

      Soccer player celebrating goal, photorealistic image, shallow depth of field blurs background fans.

      Backlit silhouette portrait of woman laughing on cliff overlooking ocean at sunset

      Photorealistic still life composition of various fruits in a bowl with sunlight streaming in a window

      Extreme close up of dew drops on a vibrant flower petal, very shallow depth of field, detailed textures

      Aerial establishing shot of futuristic city with flying cars on different layers and levels, hyperrealistic

      Moody cinematic lighting of a jazz club stage, smoke in air, pianist performing in spotlight

      Movie poster recreation of iconic scene from Pulp Fiction, John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, photorealistic

      Astronaut floating gracefully in space near moon base, Earth visible in reflective helmet visor

      With the right prompts, Midjourney can produce photorealistic images that convincingly mimic real photos across styles and genres.

      Most popular Midjourney prompts for Realistic Photos

      Most popular Midjourney prompts for Realistic Photos

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