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      Capturing the quintessential sights and scenes of the links through artwork is a great way to celebrate the iconic sport of golf. From tranquil landscapes to dramatic tournament moments, AI image generation (Midjourney) provides limitless opportunities to vividly bring golf to life.

      Render the perfect confluence of nature and course design with scenic vistas:

      • A lone golfer framed against a vivid sunset overlooking the ocean horizon as he lines up a shot from atop a cliffside fairway.


      • An elevated view of a sprawling golf course surrounded by autumn colored forests and a mountain ridge backdrop.


      • A dramatic aerial perspective of a links-style course along craggy seaside cliffs and sandy dunes.


      Focus on the grace, power and emotion of the game’s characters:

      • A close-up portrait of an elderly golfer’s weathered hands delicately gripping the putter, ball resting near the hole.


      • A female professional mid backswing, eyes laser-focused down the fairway lined with bright green trees and spectators.


      • A joyful child holding a trophy, grinning ear to ear after winning their junior league tournament.


      The tools and traditions of golf also make for engaging subject matter:

      • An arrangement of vintage hickory shafted woods, mashie irons, and a classic bulls-eye putter.


      • A US Open venue’s famous 18th hole clubhouse overlooking the green and a huge grandstand of fans.


      Landscape/Course Scenes:

      • An aerial view of a lush green golf course along the rocky coastline cliffs overlooking a bright blue ocean.


      • A peaceful autumn golf course with red, orange and yellow trees lining the fairway leading to an old stone windmill.


      • A dramatic golf course in the Scottish highlands with sweeping hills, rocky outcroppings and a castle ruin in the distance.


      • A sunny palm tree lined fairway adjacent to a beautiful Hawaiian beach with white sand and turquoise water.



      • A senior golfer lining up a putt on the green, concentration on his face beneath a classic plaid golf hat.


      • A happy young girl golfing for the first time, mid swing holding a child-sized pink golf club on the tee box.


      • A professional golfer striking a ball on the tee surrounded by focussed tournament gallery spectators in the background.


      • An old-time golfer wearing knickerbockers striking a classic wooden driver, following through gracefully.



      • Close-up of a colorful golf bag packed full of irons, woods, putter and accessories against a white background.


      • A meticulous close-up of a threesome of classic golf balls sitting in the green grass. White, dimpled, titled.


      • Glistening wet golf clubs standing upright with irons on the left and woods on the right against a red background.

      Midjourney prompts for Golf

      Midjourney prompts for Golf

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