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      Midjourney offers a free trial and paid subscription plans for its AI image generation service. Options range from a budget Basic plan to an unlimited Pro plan, with the ability to pay-per-image as needed. Midjourney provides an affordable and flexible way to access advanced AI art.

      Key details about Midjourney’s pricing:

      • Midjourney offers a free trial that includes 25 free image generations. After that, there are paid subscription plans.


      • The Basic plan is $10 per month and includes 115 image generations per month.


      • The Pro plan is $30 per month and includes unlimited generations.


      • There is also an option to pay per image beyond the free trial at a rate of $0.02 per additional image.


      • Midjourney subscriptions auto-renew monthly unless canceled.


      • Besides the generation limits, the features are otherwise the same between the Basic and Pro plans. Both allow up to 1024×1024 resolution.


      • Midjourney also offers discounted annual subscription plans – $90 per year for Basic and $240 per year for Pro.


      • There are occasional special offers like temporary boosts to image allowances for free trial users.


      • Midjourney is one of the more affordable AI image generation services available now, with flexible plans based on usage needs. The free trial lets you test it out before subscribing.


      Midjourney Pricing

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