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      Midjourney’s AI image generation abilities can be harnessed to create original logo designs and concepts. The key is providing descriptive details about the brand identity, style, shapes, colors, and symbols that the logo should feature.

      Prompting Midjourney to design logos:

      • Specify the brand name, industry, and qualities you want the logo to convey about the brand. For example, “An elegant logo for a luxury jewelry company named Aria.”


      • Request specific text if you want it incorporated. Like “The words ‘Sunny Days’ in a playful handwritten font.”


      • Include logo styles like “minimalist”, “retro”, “abstract”, “monogram”, or “mascot” to guide the design.


      • Suggest shapes, symbols, and icons that fit the brand – “Incorporate a lightbulb symbol to represent creativity.”


      • Recommend color palettes like “vibrant purples and blues” or “earthy tones” to match the brand.

      Here are some example logo prompts:

      • A minimalist tech startup logo combining sharp triangular shapes with the company name “Apex”


      • An abstract rainbow-colored logo made of fluid overlapping circles, for “Prism Paints” art supply company.


      • A vintage badge-style logo with an owl icon for “Moonlight Books” bookstore, in classic navy and gold.


      • A bold and modern logo for “Wildflower Healthcare” clinics, incorporating a vibrant sunflower icon and clean sans-serif typeface.


      • A powerful and rugged logo for “Braxton Aviation” airline, using strong geometric shapes and deep blue/dark grays.


      • An elegant circle monogram logo for luxury hotel “The Grand Residence”, with intricate Art Deco style patterns.


      • A colorful retro-style logo for “Sunny Snacks” featuring a cute mascot sunshine character with sunglasses and a big smile.


      • A cutting-edge logo for tech website “Bitcom” combining circuitry lines, microchips and a bold bitten apple icon.


      • A hand-drawn style logo with a wise old owl mascot for “Wisdom Publications” book publishers, earth tones.


      • A high-end fashion logo for “Cristina Rella” with an ornate interlocking CR monogram and art nouveau influences.


      • A playful logo using bubbly fonts and a cute dolphin mascot for “Pacific Marine Park” aquariums.


      • A premier sports team logo for “Aurora FC” soccer club, incorporating Northern Lights and a snowy mountain.

      As you can see, providing details on company name, industry, desired aesthetics, icons, and more will produce logo designs tailored to your needs.

      Midjourney Logo Prompts

      Midjourney Logo Prompts

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