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      Midjourney can produce larger 1024×1024 pixel AI-generated images with the “–hires” option, useful when more detail is needed. However, high resolution comes with limitations like slower generation speed and storage requirements.

      Key points about generating high resolution images with Midjourney:

      • By default, Midjourney generates images at 512×512 pixel resolution.


      • There is an option to produce higher resolution images up to 1024×1024 pixels.


      • To enable higher resolution, add “–hires” to the end of your prompt when generating the image.


      • For example: “a tropical beach –hires”. This will output a 1024×1024 image.


      • There are some limitations to be aware of with high res images:


      • They take significantly longer to generate – up to 4-5 times longer than default resolution.


      • Only Pro subscription plan members can create high resolution images.


      • The maximum output size is still 1024×1024 pixels. Quality may degrade above 800×800 pixels.


      • Storage space fills faster when using high res frequently.


      • Despite limitations, high res is useful for detailed landscape images or artwork needing finer details.


      • It can be enabled occasionally for special prints or projects requiring larger sizes.


      Midjourney’s high resolution mode provides an option for larger, more detailed images when needed, with some tradeoffs on speed and storage.

      Midjourney High Resolution

      Midjourney High Resolution

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