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      Football/Soccer is a global game full of flair, passion and unforgettable moments. With AI art generators like Midjourney, we can visualize the beautiful game like never before. When crafting prompts, include rich details to spark Midjourney’s creativity.

      Football (soccer) prompt ideas to try generating art with Midjourney:

      Lionel Messi dribbling down the pitch, defenders bouncing off him unable to take the ball

      Cristiano Ronaldo hanging in the air, rocketing a bicycle kick into the top corner

      Diego Maradona weaving through defenders with the ball seemingly glued to his foot

      An epic overhead view of the packed stands and field at Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona

      Pelé leaping into the air in triumph, Brazil jersey waving, after scoring a goal

      Zinedine Zidane lining up for a powerful free kick, the ball spinning off his foot

      Neymar spinning and keeping his balance after a defender’s tough tackle

      David Beckham lining up to take a signature bending free kick

      Francesco Totti celebrating a goal with his thumb in his mouth for his young son

      Landon Donovan celebrating his dramatic last-second World Cup goal for USA

      Carli Lloyd scoring from midfield with an audacious lob over the goalie

      Andrés Iniesta scoring the World Cup winning goal for Spain, his shirt rippling as he strikes the ball

      A creative logo for Manchester United featuring a soccer ball with devil horns and a forked tail

      Megan Rapinoe celebrating after scoring a World Cup goal for the US Women’s National Team

      Chiellini pulling on Harry Kane’s shirt to impede him on a breakaway run

      Wayne Rooney bicycle kicking a ball into the top corner of the goal past a stunned goalkeeper

      Mauricio Pochettino celebrating passionately with his arms stretched wide after Spurs score late

      Thierry Henry slotting home an easy goal after a dazzling run, Arsenal fans going wild

      A low angle shot looking up at the towering twin spires of Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium

      Alex Morgan patting herself on the back mimicking a sip of tea after scoring on England

      An aerial scenic shot of Anfield in Liverpool with the packed home fans waving flags and scarves

      Provide lots of vivid details – player expressions, signature moves, context of big goals/moments. This will give Midjourney the best chance of generating realistic and compelling soccer artwork.

      Midjourney Football soccer prompts

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