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      One of the most powerful features of Midjourney is its ability to understand commands that let you modify the image generation process. By including commands in your prompt, you can change the style, composition, camera angle, level of detail, and more. Mastering these commands allows much more control over the final image results.

      A wide range of Midjourney commands and effects you can try:

      Style commands:

      • Make it look like a painting/drawing/etching/cartoon/anime/CG art/claymation/pop art/art deco/impressionist/cubist style

      Lighting commands:

      • Nighttime scene/sunrise/sunset lighting/high contrast lighting/low lighting/theatrical lightning/chiaroscuro lighting

      Detail commands:

      • Highly detailed/intricately detailed/high resolution/extra fine details/make it photorealistic/cinematic lighting

      Composition commands:

      • Rule of thirds composition/symmetrical composition/overhead shot/worms eye view/birds eye view/panoramic landscape view/from the left/from the right/off-center subject

      Framing commands:

      • Cropped tight/extreme closeup/pull back for full body view/wide shot

      Camera commands:

      • Tilt shift perspective/miniature model perspective/depth of field blur/shallow depth of field/deep focus

      Artistic commands:

      • Impasto brush strokes/hand painted texture/graphic poster look/glitch art/ ASCII art/artistic color streaks/impressionist color blobs

      Object commands:

      • Make the object warped/melted/twisted/crystallized/pixelated/glitched/neon/iridescent

      Background commands:

      • Simple white background/texture background/fractal background/space background

      Color commands:

      • Make it black and white/sepia tone/cool bluish tone/warm reddish tone/high saturation/desaturated/duotone style/primary colors only

      Text commands:

      • Add text “Hello World”/make the text bold/italic/all caps/3D/neon/retro font

      Animation commands:

      • Cinemagraph style/plotagraph style/glitching digital distortion effects/make it a perfect loop

      Subject commands:

      • Make the subject mysterious/whimsical/cute/dark/epic/majestic looking

      Art style commands:

      • Make it look like a woodblock print/lithograph/pen and ink drawing/calligraphy/art nouveau/ukiyo-e/renaissance painting

      Photo commands:

      • Photograph from above/below/left/right side angle/shallow depth of field/tilt shift perspective

      By learning commands for modifying style, lighting, details, framing, camera effects, and artistic flair, you can take much greater creative control over Midjourney’s AI generations. Experiment until you achieve your desired visual effects.

      Midjourney Commands

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