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      Midjourney’s AI image generation capabilities are great for creating original cartoon characters, scenes, and other illustrations. With the right prompt describing styles, characters, settings, and scenarios, you can produce fun cartoon art to spark your creativity.

      Some example cartoon prompts:

      • A cute baby dinosaur character with purple spots and a big smile, cartoon illustration


      • Buddy cop cartoon characters, a grizzled bulldog in a suit and his partner, a nervous cat in glasses


      • A detailed steampunk style cartoon cityscape with airships, hot air balloons, gears and towers


      • A cartoon mermaid relaxing on a rock near a coral reef, surrounded by tropical fish and sea turtles


      • A funny cartoon gnome wizard casting a magic spell, with a glowing wand and pile of books


      • The Seven Dwarfs from Snow White gathered around a table enjoying dinner, colorful cartoon style


      • An interior view of a hobbit hole home, cozy with a fireplace and bookshelves, in a cute cartoon art style


      • Yoda from Star Wars meditating in a forest clearing with floating rocks, highly detailed cartoon illustration


      • A still life cartoon composition of fruit arranged in a bowl, with stylized graphics and outlines


      • A retro 80s style cartoon poster of Michael Jackson doing an iconic dance move, very colorful


      • A nervous cartoon hamster in pilot goggles and scarf, flying a steampunk style rocketship


      • A colorful cartoon party scene with animals dancing in a jungle clearing, balloons and banners in trees


      • A cute short comic strip of 4 panels showing a dog baking a cake for its owner’s birthday


      • A silly cartoon octopus character wearing a pirate hat and eye patch, posing with tentacles waving


      • A retro 80s style cartoon of a robot breakdancing on a city street, very dynamic and exaggerated


      • A concerned looking cartoon owl professor teaching a class of baby birds with graduation caps


      • A detailed fantasy landscape in a mystical valley, mythical creatures drawn in a cartoon style


      • A still life composition of musical instruments like guitar, trumpet, piano, very graphic cartoon art


      • Cartoon profile portraits of a family of sloths hanging in a tree, colorful with big smiles


      • An excited cartoon astronaut planting a flag on Mars surface, space helmet reflecting earthlight

      The key is providing descriptive elements like styles, characters, settings, poses, and scenarios. Midjourney’s AI can generate novel cartoon images tailored to your creative vision.

      Midjourney Cartoon

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