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      Midjourney’s AI capabilities provide industrial designers with a fast way to visualize and iterate on products and systems before investing in physical prototypes.

      Creative prompts to generate industrial design concepts with Midjourney AI:

      Hgh speed train with an aerodynamic sloped nose, large windows, and blue accent lighting along the sides

      Electric concept car with a sleek, low profile, scissor doors, and advanced driver assistance sensors

      Modular smart furniture system for small spaces with movable walls, pull-out beds, and hidden storage

      Voice-controlled robotic arm for manufacturing with six axes of motion, warning lights, and emergency stops

      An ergonomic office chair with breathable mesh, adjustable lumbar support, and wheels optimized for carpet

      Cordless power tool line including drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, in bold contrasting colors

      A thin yet durable tablet device encased in a rubberized protective bumper case

      Zero carbon emission quadcopter delivery drone with multiple rotors, cameras, and drop box

      A compact juicer appliance in modern geometric shapes and soft-touch coatings

      Smart parking system with cameras, sensors, and AI to guide cars to open spaces

      Sleek over-ear noise cancelling headphones in light and comfortable materials

      A portable battery pack for charging phones and tablets with USB-C PD fast charging

      Electric concept car interior with a minimalist dash, touch screens, and self-driving controls

      Smart city infrastructure system including traffic lights, cameras, kiosks, and sidewalk robots

      Automated hydroponic greenhouse using AI and robotics to optimize plant growth

      A high-speed bullet train with an aerodynamic tapered front and large open cabin interior

      Voice-controlled kitchen system that can prepare meals via robotic arms and conveying systems

      A luxury private jet interior with reclining seats, holographic displays, and spacious layout

      Solar-powered tiny home on wheels optimized for off-grid living with slick exterior

      A package delivery drone that can carry multiple parcels via a retractable cargo bay

      Compact electric bike designed for urban commuting with safety lights and storage

      Modular spacecraft for deep space exploration with living quarters, lab space and airlock

      The possibilities are endless for generating industrial design concepts with Midjourney’s AI. Iterating designs is fast and efficient, allowing you to tap into your creativity.

      Midjourney prompts for Industrial Design

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