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      1. Can’t Unsee 

      The objective of this game is to improve your ability to identify the better UI/UX design between two similar designs.

      Can help you develop a critical eye for the subtle differences that make one design more effective than the other. With more practice, you can apply the knowledge gained from this game to improve your own design decisions and create more effective UI/UX designs.


      2. Pixactly

      Pixactly is a game that challenges your ability to accurately judge pixel space.

      Excellent game for improving your design accuracy and attention to detail. It might make you more conscious of the significance of spacing and alignment in UI/UX design by asking you to precisely evaluate pixel space.


      3. Kerntype

      The objective of the game is to adjust the space between two letters until they are perfectly aligned.

      To acquire the best spacing, it can be difficult to move the letters left or right using the mouse or arrow keys. Players receive feedback on how near or far they came to obtaining ideal spacing for that font after submitting their edits. Each font offers a unique level to complete with 10 distinct words to change; there is no overall score. The absence of a final score enhances the appeal of the game, giving it a distinctive and entertaining approach to develop your typographic abilities.


      4. Color

      This game aids in mastering the art of color combination by providing prompts to select the optimal color pair on the color wheel.

      For designers looking to enhance their capacity to recognize and match colors in their designs, this game is fantastic. You may improve your sense of color harmony and balance with regular practice, which will result in UI/UX designs that are both more efficient and visually appealing.


      5. Designercize


      The best way to play Designercize is with a friend and a whiteboard, but it can also be done on a screen. The best results can be obtained by completing one of the challenges each day. They are brief enough to finish during your lunch break.

      The design challenges in the game demand that you come up with rapid, creative solutions. Playing frequently can help you become more creative and produce original design solutions that will make you stand out as a UI/UX designer.


      6. It’s Centred That

      “It’s Centred That” is a game that trains your eye to centralize elements or objects in your designs.

      A fun and demanding approach to enhance your attention to detail and guarantee that your designs are aesthetically beautiful and visually balanced. With frequent practice, you can teach yourself to spot misaligned pieces quickly and make adjustments to produce more useful UI/UX designs.


      7. Figma Ninja

      Engaging way to improve your familiarity with Figma and its shortcuts.

      Encourages you to perform design jobs as quickly as possible by making use of the keyboard shortcuts in Figma. You can leverage Figma more effectively and spend less time on monotonous design tasks with regular practice.


      8. The Bézier Game

      By playing this game, you can enhance your proficiency in using the pen tool, which could prove to be advantageous for certain projects.

      It’s an engaging and challenging approach to raise your level of pen tool competence. You must to use the pen tool to draw curves and forms in the game, which will make you more proficient and more comfortable when using this tool for your UI/UX designs.


      9. Better Web Type

      This UX design game is a great way to improve your typography skills by challenging you to adjust the font size, line height, and line width to create the best possible visual hierarchy.

      Gives you interactive feedback on the success of your decisions so you can learn quickly and effectively. You can better grasp typography concepts and use them in your UI/UX designs by regularly playing Better Web Type.


      10. What the HEX?

      Funny game that challenges designers to identify the correct HEX code for a given color.

      Excellent for enhancing your ability to recognize and use colors in your designs. You can enhance your ability to choose color schemes and produce visually appealing UI/UX designs.

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