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      Dinosaurs continue to capture our imaginations millions of years after they roamed the Earth. With Midjourney’s AI capabilities, we can visualize these majestic creatures in wondrous new ways. Let’s explore some prompt ideas to generate stunning dinosaur art across different styles and genres.

      Dinosaur artwork using Midjourney AI:

      A cartoon scene of a friendly stegosaurus and triceratops having a tea party, wearing hats, vibrant colors

      A still life oil painting of a tyrannosaurus rex skull on a wooden table with dramatic lighting

      A photorealistic close-up portrait of a brachiosaurus’ eye, full of curiosity and gentleness

      An 80’s style retro poster of a velociraptor pack hunting in a jungle, vivid neon colors, geometric shapes

      A children’s book illustration of a baby diplodocus learning to walk, big eyes full of wonder, soft lighting

      A comic book cover depicting an epic battle between a spinosaurus and an ankylosaurus, dramatic angles, detailed textures

      A minimalist line drawing of a microraptor gliding through a forest, concentrated stippling shading, clean lines

      A fantasy scene of an iguanodon warrior riding a pteranodon, medieval clothing and armor, misty backdrop

      A still life acrylic painting of a nest full of colorful parrot dinosaur eggs, soft gradients, detailed scales

      A majestic landscape vista of a herd of brachiosaurus grazing near a volcano, atmospheric lighting, painterly style

      A mosaic tile art depiction of a tyrannosaurus rex and triceratops locked in epic battle, geometric shapes, earth tones

      An art nouveau styled stained glass window featuring a brachiosaurus, fluid lines, ornamental details

      A family playing board games in a living room with a friendly cartoon brontosaurus, warm lighting, attention to detail

      An astronaut encountering an alien stegosaurus on a barren planet, cinematic lighting, atmospheric haze

      A fashion magazine cover with a model wearing stylish clothes inspired by dinosaur scales and feathers, bold text

      A psychedelic poster advertising ‘Jurassic Rock’ featuring cartoon dinosaurs playing music, flowing colors, unique fonts

      A still life oil painting of a dinosaur egg cracked open to reveal a baby dinosaur hatching, hyperrealistic, dramatic lighting

      A mythological legend carved into an ancient stone wall depicting dinosaur gods and goddesses, weathered texture

      A cartoon panda eating bamboo next to a friendly tyrannosaurus rex, watercolor background, humorous moment

      A graphic traffic warning road sign with silhouettes of dinosaurs crossing, simple iconography, vivid colors

      Get creative by combining different styles and approaches! Dinosaur subjects work great with both realistic and whimsical/cartoon art styles.

      Amazing Midjourney Dinosaur prompts

      Amazing Midjourney Dinosaur prompts

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