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      I have hired an app development agency before to build an iOS app, and the results were not that great, nor could I trust them too much. They took much longer to build my app then quoted (by 2-3 months – annoying) and now they are defunct. Lost money :(, app development agencies charge a lot. So hiring agencies is not something i’m going to cut out as i’m sure there are some very good agencies out there. But are they few are far between? Other agencies were too afraid of the scale of the app that they turned me down (I wanted to build a video editor app). One agency was good enough to direct me to their partner in India, but I did not feel too comfortable developing an app abroad for some reason.

      I have talked to some freelance iOS / android app developers before and some where too afraid to take on the task, some charged extortionate fees and others were too busy.

      Would it be best to just hire some app developers of my own? I can look around, interview candidates and then pick the best ones. This was I can control what happens, work together with them, and have some piece of mind.  I know for apps you need a front end developer (iOS, android), a backend server side developer (Python, PHP) and a UI/UX developer.

      What are your experiences?

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