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      With the prominence and importance of visual design in everything from websites to mobile apps to marketing materials, having the right tools is essential for graphic designers. For those working on Mac computers, there is an impressive range of software options to choose from. The leading programs provide professional-grade designing capabilities along with varied specialities like illustration, photo editing, UI mockups, and more.

      Flagship offerings like Adobe Creative Cloud set the standard with industry-dominant apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Their depth and breadth enable designers to tackle virtually any digital design task. However, robust alternatives like Affinity Designer and Pixelmator Pro deliver pro-level quality often at more affordable price points. Specialized tools like Figma and Sketch optimize for specific workflows like collaboration and UI/UX work. Even free utilities like Gravit Design provide a surprising amount of functionality.

      With the Mac’s overall focus on graphics and design, its software options help enable creatives to produce stunning, polished visuals.

      Top graphic design software options for Mac:

      • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) – The industry standard suite of design tools. Very full-featured and powerful, but can be expensive.


      • Affinity Designer – A cheaper one-time purchase alternative to Illustrator that is still robust and professional grade. Great for vector design and illustration.


      • Affinity Photo – An alternative to Photoshop focused on raster and photo editing. Very affordable compared to Adobe.


      • Sketch – A popular app specifically for UI and UX design. Streamlined for web and mobile design workflows.


      • Pixelmator Pro – Full-featured image editing app with painting, retouching, layers tools, and more. Good general design tool.


      • Gravit Designer – Free and open source vector graphic design app. Good starter option with pro features but lighter footprint.


      • Figma – Popular browser-based design and prototyping tool. Enables great collaboration workflows.

      It really depends on your specific design needs and budget. Adobe CC is the most powerful suite but can get costly. Affinity and Pixelmator offer pro tools at better price points. Figma is great for remote team workflows.

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