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      There are still some websites out there with really bad design, they are getting fewer and further between, but still exist. Some websites have updated their designs to more modern ones, but still their jarring colour schemes and a few bad images remain.

      What makes bad design?

      • No real colour contrast
      • No layout – everything is all over the place
      • Difficult to navigate
      • Non responsive design
      • Not mobile friendly
      • Messy, inconsistent, illegible fonts
      • Lots of elements packed together

      These are just some of the issues.


      example of bad website design 1

      This one checks the above boxes, it’s like those old 90’s websites. Lots of text in different sizes, the website does not fit within the view. Large pictures, lots of scrolling and a mess.



      example of bad website design 2

      A website that you can sell items on. It is very cluttered with no real design, can be confusing.



      example of bad website design 3

      An old school website. Lots of large chunks of text. Element packed closely together, lots of scrolling.

      Some of these site are well known for their bad design. We will keep adding to this list.


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