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      Two centuries after Samuel Taylor Coleridge penned the words ‘Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink,’ the global quest for safe drinking water remains a challenge. Whether sourced from taps or pristine outdoor streams, the uncertainty about water quality persists. The appearance and odor of water provide limited insights, leaving consumers unaware of potential contaminants such as chlorine, minerals, microorganisms, or microplastics. In response, Vitaloop introduces an innovative solution that fits into the palm of your hand.

      Vitaloop's Solution to Safe Hydration: Portable Water Purifier

      Billed as the world’s smallest and most advanced water purifier, the Vitaloop resides within a compact bottle designed for easy portability, be it in a backpack or hand. Sporting a one-button interface, the device initiates a rapid 5-stage filtration process, claiming to eradicate ‘99.9999% of all contaminants from your water’ in just 45 seconds. Positioning itself as an essential camping tool, the Vitaloop enables users to access clean water for both drinking and cooking, without the burden of lugging gallons of water.

      Vitaloop's Solution to Safe Hydration: Portable Water Purifier

      The Vitaloop, cleverly disguised as an unassuming outdoor bottle that conveniently fits in car cup holders or backpack bottle-mesh pockets, operates as a motor-powered water purifier. Equipped with a multi-stage filtration system, this device promises to render almost any water source safe for consumption. Its user-friendly design, coupled with a single-button interface, makes it an ideal companion for camping and travel, ensuring a quick filtration of up to 13 gallons (50 liters) on a full battery charge.

      The innovative functioning of the Vitaloop involves a dual-chamber system. Outdoor water fills the bottle through its inlet, entering the inner holding chamber, isolated from the rest of the container. Activating the filtration button prompts the bottle to filter the water through Vitaloop’s patented system, delivering clean water to the outer chamber. This swift process takes less than a minute, providing a repeatable solution for various needs, from drinking water to brewing coffee or cooking food.

      Vitaloop's Solution to Safe Hydration: Portable Water Purifier

      At the heart of Vitaloop’s effectiveness lies its advanced filtration technology. Boasting a 5-step filtration system, it begins with a mesh filter to capture large debris, followed by an activated carbon filter and a graphene filter to trap sediment, neutralize bacteria, and eliminate chemicals. A proprietary Halopure filter annihilates viruses by destroying their outer shell, while a precision Japanese microfilter purifies water on a microscopic level, capturing particles down to 0.2 microns in size, including microplastics and smaller bacteria.

      Crafted from BPA-free Polypropylene and Tritan plastic, the Vitaloop bottle not only ensures durability and impact resistance but also offers moisture resistance, exceptional insulation, and shatterproof qualities. A tinted outer plastic enables users to monitor water levels, and a practical lanyard facilitates easy carrying around the hand, backpack, or belt loop.

      Vitaloop's Solution to Safe Hydration: Portable Water Purifier

      Each Vitaloop comes with a replaceable filter cartridge, boasting a lifespan of 200 liters (52.8 gallons). The range includes various filter types catering to different needs, such as the Nanoflow Defender for outdoor activities and the Nanoflow Health+ adding magnesium for health benefits. For city travelers relying on tap water, the Nanoflow Flex Guard is recommended.

      Vitaloop's Solution to Safe Hydration: Portable Water Purifier

      With over 3 million annual deaths attributed to waterborne diseases, the Vitaloop emerges not only as a personal life-saver but also as an eco-conscious solution. Beyond delivering pure drinking water, it obviates the need for carrying excessive water supplies or disposable plastic bottles. Running on a 2000mAh battery charged via USB-C, each Vitaloop filters over 13 gallons of water on a single charge. The product, available at an early bird price of $89, includes options for an extra filter and a padded neoprene sleeve for $109. Global shipping commences in December 2023.

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