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      Getting better at UX design requires practise, the more practise you do the better you can become. Having some designs in your portfolio is a great start, the more you design and the more complexity in your designs, can really show off what you can do. Having a broad portfolio shows you can tackle any task thrown at you, and that you can create designs in  different areas. When designing, what is really important is that you can stick to the best design practises to make design easier, like the following (in Figma):

      1. Organize your files: Create a consistent naming and file structure to organize your files in Figma. This will make it easier for you and your team to locate and update files. Like having your colours/icons/components/component variables under the right names.
      2. Use grids and guides: Grids and guides can help you align and organize your design elements. You can customize your grid and guides by using the layout settings in Figma.
      3. Design for accessibility: Accessibility is a critical aspect of UX design. Consider using accessible colors, contrast, font sizes, and spacing to ensure that your designs are accessible to everyone.
      4. Use components and styles: Components and styles are reusable design elements that can save you time and ensure consistency across your designs. Use the component and style libraries to create and manage your design system.
      5. Collaborate with your team: Work with your team in real-time. Use their collaboration features such as comments and shared links to gather feedback and iterate on your designs.
      6. Use prototyping features: Prototyping features allow you to create interactive prototypes to test and validate your designs. Use Figma’s interactive components and transition animations to create realistic user experiences.
      7. Keep it simple: Simple designs are often the most effective. Avoid cluttering your designs with unnecessary elements and focus on the core functionality of your design.
      8. Use Auto layout (Shift + A): This is a very powerful tool to help you save time in designing. It helps you align your work and helps keep your designs responsive across different screen sizes. Auto layout is only supported on frames. If you select objects that are not in a frame, Figma will create an auto layout frame around them.


      UX Project Ideas

      1. Design a landing page for a new product or service.
      2. Create a mobile app design for a food delivery service.
      3. Design a responsive website for a local business.
      4. Redesign an existing app or website to improve its usability and user experience.
      5. Create a dashboard interface for a data analytics platform (great way to test your skills).
      6. Design an e-commerce website for an online store.
      7. Create a UI kit or design system for a specific brand or company.
      8. Design a user-friendly interface for a social media platform.
      9. Redesign a user interface for a productivity app such as a task manager or calendar.
      10. Create a prototype for a new digital product or service.
      11. Create a page for a Restaurant menu.
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