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      In a world where loud talkers in public spaces can disrupt the tranquility of offices, buses, metros, and trains, Shiftall, the innovative technology company, has introduced a wearable solution that promises to bring much-needed serenity to our daily lives. Enter ‘Mutalk,’ a sleek, VR-shaped soundproof Bluetooth microphone designed to be worn over the mouth, effectively muting the voices of those who find themselves needing to speak loudly in public settings, whether it’s conducting a business meeting in a bustling coffee shop or participating in a group video call in a quiet library.

      Ultimate Soundproof 'Mouthpiece' to Silence Loud Conversations

      shiftall mutalk wearable soundproof bluetooth microphone

      Cutting-Edge Soundproof Technology

      The Mutalk soundproof Bluetooth microphone boasts remarkable capabilities, reducing the wearer’s voice by an impressive -20 decibels or more. This level of sound isolation ensures that even someone seated right next to the wearer won’t be able to eavesdrop on their conversation. For high-frequency voices in the range of 1,600 Hz to 2,000 Hz, such as shouting, Mutalk takes it a step further, muffling the sound by an astounding -30 decibels.

      Ultimate Soundproof 'Mouthpiece' to Silence Loud Conversations

      Seamless Hands-Free Communication

      Shiftall’s wearable soundproof Bluetooth microphone functions like a high-tech mouthpiece. When placed upright on a desk, it automatically mutes the microphone. However, should the need arise to raise one’s voice or engage in a spirited discussion, the wearer simply positions Mutalk over their mouth, and the device seamlessly muffles their voice. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, this nifty VR-shaped device can also be effortlessly connected to smartphones.

      Moreover, Mutalk comes equipped with an adjustable headband for a secure fit, enabling hands-free conversations on the go. Additionally, it features a 3.5mm stereo jack, allowing users to connect their earphones directly to it. In this mode, Mutalk serves as a versatile headset, capable of both recording and playback, making it ideal for scenarios where separate microphone and earphone devices aren’t feasible.

      Ultimate Soundproof 'Mouthpiece' to Silence Loud Conversations

      Washable Components for Longevity

      Designed with versatility in mind, Mutalk’s removable headband makes it perfect for hands-free activities, gaming, and virtual reality experiences. With the headband in place, users can effortlessly engage in gaming, answer calls while typing, or jot down notes on a PC, all while maintaining crystal-clear audio.

      Recognizing that Mutalk will be used frequently, Shiftall has thoughtfully made the mouth pad and moisture-absorbing cushion removable and washable, ensuring long-lasting use without compromising hygiene.

      Ultimate Soundproof 'Mouthpiece' to Silence Loud Conversations

      A Harmony of Silence

      Mutalk is not just a technological marvel; it’s a lifestyle solution that caters to various needs. Gamers who want to avoid disturbing roommates or neighbors during late-night gaming sessions will find it particularly appealing. Likewise, professionals needing to take conference calls in hushed office spaces or bustling coffee shops can now do so without causing a commotion.

      Shiftall’s Mutalk is the key to a harmonious life for those who value tranquility in a world filled with noisy distractions. Say goodbye to unwanted disruptions and embrace a new era of peaceful coexistence with Mutalk.

      Ultimate Soundproof 'Mouthpiece' to Silence Loud Conversations

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