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      There are so may mobile apps on the app / play stores. Some apps take off, while others don’t. There are popular apps with okay design out there, they do their job and give the user what they want. Some don’t. Apps are massively popular and they occupy the most expensive real estate in the world – your smartphone screens. There are over ~ 3.5 billion people using smartphones in the world. Apps are useful, but a beautifully designed app can’t make things worse?


      1] Instagram

      Instagram app screens design UI UX

      The Instagram app is one of the most popular photo apps in the world. They care about their app function and how it looks and feels. This app has been designed really well, it feels really good to use, everything is arranged well and their style represents the brand. Clean and Simple. All the pages in the app are designed with a minimal look, on a white background, with nice text fonts, like the profile page, notification page, home & message page. The world page has a nice layout with reels and image layout. Overall a nice app, no matter how annoying it can be.


      2] Netflix

      Netflix app screen design UI UX

      We all know what Netflix is. Their mobile app you could argue is just their website on mobile through their app. Maybe. But there is just something about it that feels fresh and sleek. They have nailed the movie tiles dimensions. It makes the app look and feel good. The black background makes the tiles pop, the app scrolls smoothly, we like the fast laughs section, good for discovering more titles.

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          Inshot Video Editor

          InShot video editor design

          Inshot is a popular mobile app for editing photos and videos on iOS and Android devices. It offers a wide range of tools for editing and enhancing images and videos, including filters, effects, music, text, and more. With Inshot, users can create and share personalized content for social media platforms and other digital channels. The design is straight forward, you can upload as many clips or images you want. You can add stickers, music, text, emojis and anything else to your videos. They all stack up so you can edit each one individually later on. It is easy to split, merge and change the speed of clips, this app is well designed, making it easy to use.



          Slack app design

          Slack is a team communication and collaboration platform that provides messaging, file sharing, and other tools for teams to work together effectively. Slack has a modern and user-friendly design that focuses on making communication and collaboration as seamless as possible. The platform has a clean interface with organized channels, customizable color themes, and support for emojis and GIFs. Additionally, Slack offers integrations with other tools and services, allowing users to connect and access their workflows within the platform.  Slack provides a range of features, including messaging, file sharing, and integrations with other tools and services, all within a single app. It’s designed to replace email and other disjointed communication methods and bring all team communication into one central place, making it easier for teams to stay organized and connected. The design of Slack prioritizes simplicity and efficiency, making it a popular choice for organizations of all sizes.

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            Starling Bank – Not only a great bank but a great app.

            The app is very easy to use and very simple. Your home page shows you your money and how much you have spend. A simple swipe left shows you which category you have spent your money in, ex. £320 on transport. If you swipe up it shows you your individual transactions under each day. A spending page shows you a bar chart of how much you have spent in total each week of the month, with a spending breakdown below. Easily send money and check your card details and controls. Freeze unfreeze cards, get pin reminders, replace card and more. Create saving spaces and get separate connected cards (cards linked to those spaces, so you can spend from those spaces), invest your money, or get cards for your children easily. During the festive period there is an update where on the homepage if you shake your phone it starts to snow in the centre circle, a nice little touch.

            starling bank app design

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