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      Sony, a true behemoth in the realm of cameras, holds dominion over the sensor market with its impeccable CMOS sensors renowned as the bedrock for a multitude of camera systems. But let’s not forget, this is the same company that has birthed an astonishing array of products, stretching from robotic canine companions to speakers that boogie and bounce. While Sony has ventured admirably into the realm of professional cameras, smartphone optics, and the occasional CCTV sentry (yes, they’re a thing), its stride in other domains has been somewhat reserved.

      Sony Vlog-001

      Enter the scene-stealer: VLOG-001, an audacious brainchild that disrupts the status quo. Sony, known for its penchant for innovation, dishes out a concept that’s been missing from its repertoire – a 3-axis handheld action/vlogging camera. This brainchild is the brainchild of the offsite dream team at Advanced Design, and it harmonizes the pinnacle of Sony’s high-end consumer electronics prowess. Drawing inspiration from Sony’s mirrorless marvels, audiophile-grade music maestros, TWS earbud virtuosos, and even the jaw-dropping SRS-RA3000, a speaker that’s more like an auditory experience.

      sony vlog 001

      So, what’s the VLOG-001 all about? Think of it as Sony’s answer to the DJI Pocket – a trailblazing handheld camera that boasts its own inbuilt 3-axis stabilizer. If DJI’s drone wizardry could be captured in handheld form, the Pocket (formerly known as the Osmo Pocket) would be its living testament. This contraption has set a new gold standard for vlogging-on-the-go, with the spotlight firmly fixated on DJI in this category. The only other contender to share the limelight is Insta360, while erstwhile bigwig GoPro is fading into the periphery. In comes the VLOG-001, attempting to paint an alternate future where Sony also takes center stage in the handheld gimbal-camera tango.

      sony vlog 001 camera

      Adorned with echoes of Sony’s professional-grade photography tools, this handheld marvel flaunts the same textured leatherette grip that graces the DSLRs and mirrorless marvels of the brand. Dressed in an elegant black ensemble accentuated by touches of bronze, the design pays homage to Sony’s opulent Walkman audio legacy. The controls seamlessly borrowed from the realms of cameras and music players lend an air of familiarity. Knobs, buttons, and switches offer impromptu mastery over the camera’s actions – even while the recording light is on. The gimballed solitary lens accommodates both the role of recorder for enthusiastic vloggers and a portal to the world before you, simply by rotating a full 180°. This innovative contraption can effortlessly pivot between landscape and portrait modes, and a fold-out display reminiscent of the halcyon Handicam era facilitates a clear view of your artistic canvas. The cherry on top? A generous display, dwarfing even that of DJI’s Pocket 2. As a final ace up its sleeve, the VLOG-001 one-ups its competition by incorporating a built-in flash, enabling pristine captures even in the dimmest of light.

      sony vlog 001 inspiration

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