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      In the bustling heart of Dubai’s waterfront, a captivating marvel has risen to greet the skyline, beckoning boats and visitors alike with its graceful steel finned roof. Designed by the visionary duo of Andy Shaw and Naji Mahmoud from AMA studio, the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club stands as a radiant beacon on the western shores, nestled between the iconic Palm Jumeirah and the bustling Dubai Marina. Amidst the grandeur of the Dubai Harbour development, this architectural masterpiece not only offers unparalleled amenities but also panoramic vistas that embrace both the cityscape and the shimmering waters below.

      Soaring Elegance of the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club

      Constructed with a fusion of concrete and steel, this remarkable structure boasts a distinctive roof crafted from steel box beams. Each beam is meticulously shaped, sized, and angled, contributing to the structure’s overall expressive curvature that defies gravity and convention. As it extends gracefully toward the marina, this steel finned roof appears to take flight, casting an enchanting spectacle for all who approach.

      a curving steel finned roof extends over dubai harbour yacht club

      AMA, the creative minds behind this intricate marvel, has seamlessly intertwined concrete and steel to bring the Yacht Club to life. Part of the Dubai Harbour development, which also boasts a new cruise terminal, residential towers, and vibrant retail spaces, the Yacht Club serves as the beating heart of this burgeoning marine hub. Beyond its architectural grandeur, the harbour has evolved into a hub for sporting events, including the FIFA World Cup Fanzone and exhilarating running races. Its new promenade has become a beloved public space, attracting cyclists, runners, and families alike.

      Soaring Elegance of the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club

      The design brief for the Yacht Club called for a landmark structure that would captivate the attention of boats and visitors, thus shaping the identity of the development’s future. Guided by the creative vision of Andy Shaw and Naji Mahmoud, the architectural team embarked on a journey to craft a harmonious arrangement of rectilinear spaces enveloping a long, slender atrium bathed in the gentle embrace of natural light from above.

      The most enchanting feature of the Yacht Club, undoubtedly, is its steel roof. With a mesmerizing swoop composed of varying lines that converge to create an intricate curve, it crowns the structure and becomes the defining hallmark of the fine dining restaurant perched atop the water. From this vantage point, diners are treated to sweeping panoramic views that stretch across the boats, the sea, and the breathtaking Dubai Marina skyline.

      Soaring Elegance of the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club

      The Yacht Club’s technical components, including MEP elements, are thoughtfully housed in a separate block, framing a public space around the main entry. This space is destined to be an ideal setting for a variety of events, providing attendees with expansive views of the marina that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

      a curving steel finned roof extends over AMA's dubai harbour yacht club

      AMA’s Managing Partner, Andy Shaw, eloquently sums up the project’s essence, stating, “Our building fuses a simple and practical rectilinear plan with an expressive steel roof of varying blades, creating a swooping surface that is inspired by the site’s nautical context. We are thrilled to see the completion of the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club building. Our team has worked thoughtfully to create a new hub that offers yacht enthusiasts and visitors alike the very best in luxury, comfort, and functionality, while also adding to the identity of the emerging area with a striking landmark responding to its environment.”

      Soaring Elegance of the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club

      In the heart of Dubai’s dynamic waterfront, the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club has emerged as a symbol of innovation and elegance, beckoning all to embrace its soaring beauty.

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