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      Small spaces can be tricky to work with when it comes to storage. We need to first assess what we have to work with, things like:

      Limited square footage
      No dedicated storage areas
      Inefficient use of wall or vertical space
      Overcrowded or cluttered surfaces
      No built-in storage solutions
      Challenges in organizing and maximizing storage.

      Then we need to assess what the issues are in our small bathrooms and where we can add some storage solutions: –

      Limited counter space
      Lack of shelving or cabinet storage
      Crowded shower/bathtub area
      No designated space for towels or toiletries
      Narrow or cluttered vanities
      No room for a linen closet or cabinet
      Limited floor space for storage units
      Inefficient use of wall space
      Inadequate under sink storage.

      Small bathroom storage ideas: –

      Over the toilet storage shelvesover toiler storage shelve design

      Corner shelves

      corner shelves design

      Simple over sink storageĀ 

      Simple over sink storageĀ  design

      Under sink organizer

      Under sink organizer design

      Wall mounted baskets or hooks

      Wall mounted baskets or hooks design

      Rolling cart or trolley

      Rolling cart or trolley design

      Medicine cabinet with mirrors

      Medicine cabinet with mirrors design

      Multi-tiered shelf unit

      Multi-tiered shelf unit design

      Stackable containers or bins

      Stackable containers or bins designs

      Corner shelf

      Shower caddy or corner shelf design

      Hanging organizers for towels or toiletries.

      Masculine Bathroom Storage For Men with Wooden Shelves

      Bathroom Cabinet

      small Bathroom Storage cabinet design

      On sink storage


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