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      There are so many websites on the internet, and most of them with not so great design. When searching the Internet, we try to look at websites that are one easy to navigate, that is to find what you’re looking for quickly and two for the design. Is the design so great, that is stops you for a second to take it in, or does it stay on your mind, or even just to say that was a nice site.


      apple homepage website design

      Apple are known for creating beautiful products and design is a big part of their DNA / make up. Steve Jobs tried to make everything well designed, even the parts within a device. Design is such an important aspect of life and everything. Look at Apple’s iPad, iPhone, Mac, iMac, even their old computers and laptops and even iPods. They were all well designed, everything was in the right place. Apple even carried that design aspect of their DNA to their new HQ in Cupertino. The massive modern ring with their modern, stylish interior is a testament to who they are and what they represent. Now going to their website, it is simple, sleek, well designed and it is easy to navigate, to find what you’re looking for. The Apple design DNA runs through all aspects of the business, from products to websites and apps. The website is unequivocally Apple.


      2] MrPorter

      mrporter homepage website design

      MrPorter, a mens fashion website that started around 2011. They sell luxury menswear. Their website is simple and really well designed, fitting their brand positioning. A white background with black writing, plenty of images and simplicity, making it easy for the user to navigate, while still looking and feeling luxurious. A nice e-commerce site.

      3] END Clothing

      end clothing website design homepage

      End Clothing is a rapidly growing contemporary fashion retailer, based in Newcastle. They stock a range of more than 500 brands across luxury fashion. Their website is well designed and easy to navigate. The homepage features a nice hero image and as you continue to scroll you have different clothing sections on display. The site is really easy to use and one that looks really good. Minimalistic design with a clean look, represents the luxury they stand for.

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