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      Israeli industrial design student Avia Revivi has unveiled a pioneering solution to an often disregarded environmental quandary – the issue of discarded toilet paper in natural landscapes. Introducing her brainchild, O-SOW: a biodegradable toilet paper interwoven with seeds, meticulously fashioned to bestow enrichment upon the environment, rather than bestow pollution upon it.

      Seeded Biodegradable Toilet Paper from O-SOW

      Currently a student at the esteemed Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Revivi’s genesis for O-SOW emerged during a sojourn through the rugged terrains of the Israeli desert. Her recurrent encounters with abandoned toilet paper spurred a resolute determination to address this ecological predicament.

      Crafted with a delicate amalgamation of orange and aloe vera, selected for their pliancy and tenderness, O-SOW incorporates an array of seeds into its composition. The inherent rapid decomposition of citrus, harmoniously combined with the dynamic presence of E. coli bacteria found in human waste, synergistically accelerates the natural biodegradation progression.

      Seeded Biodegradable Toilet Paper

      However, the brilliance of O-SOW extends beyond its environmental credentials. Within each roll reside an assortment of diverse seeds, affording travelers the luxury to elect in concordance with indigenous vegetation. With mint, peony, rose, parsley, cress, and other options available, these seeds have the potential to sprout, burgeon, and flourish, nurtured by the nutrient-rich substrate of human waste.

      Revivi’s trailblazing ingenuity is not confined to the product itself. The packaging, designed for single use, adheres to biodegradable principles and is conspicuously emblazoned with the nomenclature of the seeds encompassed within, alongside an enumeration of sheets. In a bid to ensure convenience during transportation, she ingeniously fashioned a receptacle from surplus parachute fabric, a reservoir that safeguards the moisture of the sheets while facilitating seamless dispensation.

      Biodegradable Toilet Paper O-SOW

      Avia Revivi’s brainchild, O-SOW, transcends the conventional realms of product innovation. It heralds a tangible stride towards harmonizing human practices with ecological imperatives, accentuating the interconnectedness of our actions with the natural world.

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