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      Riding a bike is a great form of exercise and commute. People are opting for this form a transport more and more. You get lots of fresh air and a good workout. Helmets are mandatory when riding bikes for safety. Helmets can get in the way once you are off your bike, and take up space.

      Meet the Bumpair, the self inflating bicycle helmet. This is a portable bicycle helmet that provides up to 4x more protection than a classic helmet.  When needed just inflate the helmet with a hand pump and deflate it when you’re done using it. This is a great Idea that makes Helmets one less thing to worry about once you’re off your bike.


      • The Bumpair is CE certified, meeting the European standard CE EN1078 for helmets used by cyclists and scooter users.
      • It offers exceptional compactness, being 15 times more compact than a traditional helmet.
      • The Bumpair is incredibly ultra-compact, folding down to 8 times smaller than a regular helmet, making it easy to store in your bag.
      • For added convenience, there’s an integrated pressure indicator at the back of the helmet to ensure it’s at the correct pressure before each ride, providing peace of mind during your journeys.
      • This helmet is designed to be ultra-light, giving you a pleasant and weightless experience, making you hardly notice you’re wearing a helmet at all.
      • The Bumpair is environmentally responsible and durable, as its Infl8® air structure requires 85% less material compared to conventional helmets, and the fabrics are Oeko-Tex® certified.
      • Its Infl8® technology provides unparalleled protection, making it 4 times more protective for your brain. The pressurized air cushions absorb shock and effectively safeguard against the risk of concussions.

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