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      Meta’s AI image generator has become more user-friendly with the launch of its dedicated website. Previously confined to individual and group chats within Meta’s social network platforms, the Imagine tool is now accessible to the wider public through the web, offering a seamless experience for users in the United States.

      To explore the capabilities of the tool, simply visit Meta’s Imagine website. Logging in with a free Meta account is a prerequisite to start generating images. Once signed in, the website functions like any other AI image generator. Input a detailed yet imaginative description of the desired image, click the Generate button, and Imagine will produce four different images that ideally align with your vision.

      To acquire any of the generated images, select your preferred option, click the ellipsis icon, and choose the Download option. The saved image will be in JPG format, allowing you to view and modify it using any image editor. It’s worth noting that each image bears a watermark in the corner, indicating its origin as an AI-generated creation.

      Popular Meta AI Imagine prompts:

      A cute baby panda eating bamboo in a forest.

      An astronaut riding a horse on Mars with Earth in the sky.

      A fantasy landscape with medieval towers and dragons flying overhead.

      A still life painting of fruit in a bowl on a table.

      A robot made of old computer parts standing in a junkyard.

      A plate of sushi arranged beautifully with chopsticks.

      A view of a busy city street in Tokyo, Japan.

      An underwater scene with coral reef and tropical fish.

      A snowy mountain cabin in a pine forest.

      An owl sitting on a tree branch with big eyes.

      A sunset landscape with silhouette of trees.

      A rose blooming with water droplets on the petals.

      A slice of pepperoni pizza.

      A portrait painting of a person in Renaissance style.

      A crystal ball on top of a pile of old books.

      The most popular prompts tend to be imaginative scenarios, beautiful scenery, cute animals, food, and anything with vivid details. Abstract concepts or prompts without a specific subject tend not to work as well. The key is prompting Imagine with a concise but descriptive image idea.

      Popular Meta AI Imagine Prompts

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