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      In an era dominated by the flashy allure of video games, there remains an undeniable charm in gathering around a physical board game. Arcade1Up, renowned for their scaled-down classic arcade games, seeks to bridge the gap between nostalgia and technology with their Infinity Game Board, a high-tech twist on traditional board gaming. Priced at a hefty $499.99, this touchscreen tablet reimagines the classics in a digital realm.

      The Infinity Game Board

      For those who’ve followed Arcade1Up, the Infinity Game Board might ring a bell as the successor to their earlier Kickstarter project, the Infinity Game Table, which boasted a grander scale but also a grander price tag of $999.99. The Board, however, brings accessibility to the forefront with its more portable design.

      At its core, the Infinity Game Board beckons players with 50 downloadable Hasbro titles, including timeless favorites such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Yahtzee, and more. But the real draw lies in the expansive library of over 100 games, some of which are exclusive to Arcade1Up.

      The Infinity Game Board tips the scales at a claimed 7.4 lb (3.4 kg)

      This digital gaming platform unfolds as an 18.5-inch 1080p touchscreen tablet, complete with responsive haptic feedback. Up to six players can join the fun simultaneously, whether in-person or online through Wi-Fi connectivity. The ability to save and resume interrupted games adds a modern convenience to timeless classics.

      For the board game aficionados out there, this is a tantalizing proposition. However, when you look at the Infinity Game Table, things take an interesting twist. Available in 24-inch or 32-inch sizes and equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, it’s essentially a coffee table with a screen.

      The table exudes a sense of sturdiness, weighing in at around 59.5 pounds, and assembly is relatively straightforward. It even includes cardboard drink coasters in the package, a thoughtful touch. But here’s the catch: this isn’t your average coffee table. It’s a screen, a rather expensive one at that.

      The fear of cracking the screen or damaging its tech with a hot cup of coffee nags at your mind. While Arcade1Up claims it’s water and impact-resistant, it’s still a screen, and your typical coffee table is expected to endure more wear and tear.

      As for the games themselves, the Infinity Game Table offers a library of 50 free titles, including classics like Cluedo, but with a catch. Some games, like Cluedo, require a minimum of three players, rendering them inaccessible for pairs. Fling hockey, on the other hand, falters as the screen struggles to accurately track the puck’s movement, making it less engaging.

      Trivial Pursuit, a game you’d expect to shine in a digital format, disappoints with uninspiring navigation and a lack of regional customization. In general, the digital recreations fall flat compared to their physical counterparts. The presentation feels basic, and the experiences often lack the interactive charm of their physical counterparts.

      Finally, the elephant in the room – the price. The 32-inch Infinity Game Table, the most common variant, comes in at a steep $999, which includes 51 free games. Should you wish to expand your game library, expect to pay additional fees ranging from $3 to $10 per game. While this might seem like a cost-effective alternative to physical board games, it’s still a substantial investment on top of the table’s initial price.

      In the end, the Infinity Game Table’s allure falls short of its premium price tag. While the concept is appealing, the execution leaves much to be desired. At a cost comparable to a high-end iPad, one would expect a more convincing and engaging experience. It’s a noble endeavor, but it doesn’t quite justify the investment. When it comes to board games, sometimes the classics are best left untouched.

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