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      Feast your eyes on Pebble Flow – the brainchild of California’s trailblazing startup, Pebble. This groundbreaking electric travel trailer isn’t just an idea anymore; it’s a reality in the making. Set to make its grand entrance at the LA Auto Show in November 2023, with shipments scheduled for the end of 2024, Pebble Flow is set to redefine the way we embark on road-tripping adventures. This is no ordinary travel trailer; it transforms your iPhone into a remote control for your nomadic dreams.

      Pebble Flow: iPhone-Powered Electric Travel Trailer

      Revolutionizing the way you hit the open road, Pebble Flow’s dedicated app, available for iPhone users (fear not, Android lovers, your version is in the works), serves as the gateway to a world of possibilities. With a simple download, you can now command your electric travel trailer with the flick of a finger. Gone are the days of fumbling with manual adjustments. Pebble Flow lets you effortlessly tow, hitch, deploy awnings, set up camp, park in tight spots, and more, all at the tap of your screen. No manual required – it’s a digital dance with your travel companion.

      Pebble Flow’s iPhone remote control – an innovation that changes the way you RV.

      Pebble Flow: iPhone-Powered Electric Travel Trailer


      But there’s more to Pebble Flow than just smartphone magic. Under the hood, this electric travel trailer boasts a dual-motor Active Propulsion Assist System, allowing it to move autonomously, no additional vehicle needed. Powered by a robust battery, it fuels all your appliances and can be charged conveniently using a universal AC/DC setup at public charging stations, home, or while you’re deep in the wild.

      Nature-lovers, take note: Pebble Flow also harnesses solar panels for off-grid power, ensuring your journey remains sustainable. Plus, regenerative charging comes into play when you’re on the move, as your trailer generates its electricity, transforming it into a self-sufficient backup generator at home when parked. Pebble Flow doesn’t just follow; it leads in power efficiency.

      The Pebble Flow: Going green with solar panels and regenerative charging.

      Pebble Flow: iPhone-Powered Electric Travel Trailer


      Inside the Pebble Flow, minimalism meets functionality. With sleeping quarters for up to four, adaptable furnishings make it easy to transform your space into a workspace for those remote working escapades. The kitchen features a removable induction cooktop, a versatile 4-in-1 convection microwave, and a full-size fridge. Need options? A flip-up service window, coupled with a 270-degree view, allows you to cook inside or al fresco – it’s your call.

      Pebble Flow: iPhone-Powered Electric Travel Trailer

      Now, for the big reveal: the Pebble Flow comes with a starting price of $109,000 for the classic model. But wait, there’s more! The Magic Pack, starting at $125,000, delivers a dual-motor drivetrain and a treasure trove of groundbreaking features, such as Remote Control, Magic Hitch, and Easy Tow. In the words of Bingrui Yang, the visionary Founder and CEO of Pebble, “The Pebble Flow embodies a new era in RVing. We’re embracing advancements in electrification and automotive technology to streamline the end-to-end experience and take away all of the hassles of RVing to help more nature lovers achieve a freer, lighter lifestyle.”

      So there you have it, folks – Pebble Flow, the iPhone-driven trailblazer that’s redefining the way we explore the open road. It’s more than a travel trailer; it’s an invitation to a world of seamless adventures. Get ready to roll into the future of RVing with Pebble Flow.

      Pebble Flow: iPhone-Powered Electric Travel Trailer

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