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      In a groundbreaking venture, Nurgisa Architects has unveiled the Modern Kazakh Yurt, a visionary adaptation of traditional nomadic design. This transformative dwelling, spanning 25 square meters, ingeniously arranges bedrooms and workspaces along its perimeter, while a centralized core houses essential amenities like kitchens and toilets. The project champions efficiency through cleverly designed furniture, including beds and chairs, optimizing every inch of the internal space.

      Crafted with curved plywood panel segments, the exterior showcases a marriage of modernity and sustainability. A flexible polymer film, laced with organic semiconductors, adorns these panels, harnessing solar energy and converting it into electricity. Remarkably, each square meter of the electric polymer film yields 1 kW/hour, supplemented by 5.3 kW from telescopic elements. The generated power finds a purposeful home in batteries, ensuring a sustainable energy source for household appliances.

      Nurgisa Architects: Transformative Kazakh Yurt Living

      Telescopic Volumetric Elements: Embodying Nomadic Ingenuity

      Drawing inspiration from the iconic yurt structure, the dwelling incorporates telescopic volumetric elements that gracefully mimic the traditional yurt’s form. These elements adapt to the surrounding steppe environment, extending and shifting segments to create an enclosed or open living space, responding dynamically to weather conditions. In a conscientious nod to environmental responsibility, an autonomous biological system is seamlessly integrated for wastewater treatment, establishing a harmonious equilibrium between modern living and ecological sustainability.

      Nurgisa Architects: Transformative Kazakh Yurt Living

      Eco-Conscious Design: Merging Tradition with Innovation

      Nurgisa Architects has woven eco-friendly practices into the very fabric of the Kazakh Yurt. Glued plywood, fortified with a basalt fiber heat-protective layer, forms the building blocks of the wall segments, ensuring durability and energy efficiency. This innovative approach not only allows the structure to seamlessly blend with its natural surroundings but also reaffirms a commitment to harmonious living, aligning with traditional nomadic principles while embracing contemporary ecological considerations.

      In redefining the traditional nomadic dwelling, Nurgisa Architects has not only crafted a modern marvel but has also seamlessly integrated sustainable practices, ushering in a new era where architectural innovation meets ecological mindfulness.

      Nurgisa Architects: Transformative Kazakh Yurt Living. Blueprint Design Interior

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