Nokia Takes Flight with a Bold New Logo and Hexacopter Drone

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      In a dramatic shift from its iconic consumer tech roots, Nokia has set its sights on infrastructure and business-focused solutions. The Finnish tech giant, known for its legendary phones, unveiled a new logo this year that signifies this change in direction. As if to underscore their intentions, they’ve released a groundbreaking product – a 5G-capable hexacopter drone designed for enterprise and industry applications. This massive aerial workhorse is engineered to carry a wide array of payloads, ranging from cameras and scanning devices to powerful loudspeakers and modems. What sets it apart, however, is not just its robust design and reliability, but the fact that it’s entirely manufactured in the EU, providing a compelling alternative to businesses and governments looking to move away from Chinese-developed drone technology.

      Nokia Takes Flight with a Bold New Logo and Hexacopter Drone

      Crafted for Industry: The Nokia Drone

      This isn’t your run-of-the-mill DJI or Parrot drone. Nokia’s creation stands out as a behemoth, with a wingspan of at least 3 feet in diameter when it’s grounded. Tailored for industries such as construction, safety and security, emergency services, transportation, and smart city monitoring, the drone comes equipped with its very own docking station, dual gimbal cameras, and cutting-edge edge cloud processing via Nokia’s MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) system. The key to its reliability lies in its ability to connect through public and private 4G/LTE and 5G networks, enhancing its situational awareness with real-time kinetic (RTK) positioning for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations. Dual modem connectivity ensures seamless network redundancy compliance with aviation regulatory standards.

      Nokia Takes Flight with a Bold New Logo and Hexacopter Drone

      Built Like a Tank, Flies Like a Falcon

      With its 6-rotor design, the Nokia Drone is built for effective navigation regardless of environmental challenges. It’s tough as nails, thanks to its carbon fiber chassis, which keeps it lightweight yet incredibly sturdy. This drone is also resistant to water, dust, and wind, making it dependable in various scenarios. In the rare event of a connection lapse, the drone is armed with built-in return-to-launchpad protocols, ensuring it can safely return to its docking station while avoiding no-fly zones.

      Nokia Takes Flight with a Bold New Logo and Hexacopter Drone

      Modularity Unleashed: Tailor the Drone to Your Needs

      One of the standout features of this drone is its modular lower platform, which allows users to attach a variety of accessories, effectively transforming the drone’s purpose. Among the available modules, you can opt for a dual-camera setup featuring a Thermal and an RGB camera with 30x zoom. But should the need arise, you can easily swap it out for a LiDAR sensor, turning the drone into a 3D scanning powerhouse. Nokia offers a range of other modules, including a potent spotlight for rescue missions or a loudspeaker for broadcasting important messages, alerts, or warnings. And if your requirements are truly unique, Nokia’s Payload Development Kit empowers you to craft your own custom module, ensuring the drone serves your project’s unique needs.

      Nokia Takes Flight with a Bold New Logo and Hexacopter Drone

      Ready for Action: Nokia Drone Networks Solution

      The Nokia Drone Networks solution brings remote operation capabilities to the forefront, ideal for critical missions such as search and rescue efforts and damage assessment in hazardous environments. These drones can also be programmed for autonomous flights, enhancing security at major events or conducting equipment inspections in remote locations. The accompanying docking station not only shields the drone and its payload, which may include sensor devices or a dual gimbal camera, from external threats and severe weather conditions but also charges the drone remotely, preparing it for its next mission.

      Enterprise-Exclusive: The Nokia Drone

      It’s important to note that the Nokia Drone is tailored exclusively for enterprise and industry applications. As such, it’s not available to consumers. For businesses seeking to make a move, a convenient “Enquiry” button on Nokia’s website serves as the gateway to placing orders and ushering in a new era of enterprise-focused drone technology.

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