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      In the age of powerful smartphone cameras, everyone’s a content creator! Short-form videos have taken the world by storm, with their easy entry and high engagement. But as the stakes rise, so do the demands for quality and innovation. Enter Woojin Jang’s ingenious design concept that’s about to change the game!

      Sphere - the ultimate smartphone accessory for vlogs and content creation

      Introducing the Sphere, the ultimate smartphone accessory that combines functionality and fashion in one sleek package. Say goodbye to clunky sticks and hello to a discreet, futuristic sphere that magnetically attaches to your phone, barely visible to the naked eye. With its semi-transparent shell exposing captivating mechanics, Sphere oozes elegance and modernity.

      Gimbals are the go-to tool for steady photography and cinematography, but existing handheld gimbals for smartphones are far from fashionable. Sphere changes that with its compact, revolutionary design. Utilizing Apple MagSafe technology, it securely grips your phone, ensuring a stable and smooth shooting experience. And don’t worry Android users; this magnetic magic could soon be available for other smartphones too!

      Sphere gimbal

      Efficiency meets simplicity in this ingenious design. By leveraging your iPhone’s gyroscope, Sphere cleverly stabilizes your shots without the need for bulky built-in sensors. Equipped with a brushless DC (BLDC) motor, it counteracts movements with precision, resulting in cinematic footage without the fuss.

      gimbal - the sphere

      Some may wonder about its grip, as it’s essentially holding a ball, but let’s face it: Sphere looks much cooler than those chunky sticks! It’s a bold move away from the norm, catering to the tasteful desires of today’s content creators.


      So, if you’re ready to take your vlogging and photography to new heights while turning heads with your gadget, Sphere is the accessory you’ve been waiting for. Embrace the future of content creation with this nifty and chic innovation, and say hello to your new partner in visual storytelling.

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