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      Introducing the groundbreaking Ravenchord, born from the visionary mind of designer Harden. Completely different from traditional grand piano design, this revolutionary design takes the form of a bird’s wing, with strings extending gracefully from its center. While its appearance may be very new, the Ravenchord still has the keys and pedals of any other piano.

      Ravenchord piano

      ravencord piano back

      The Ravenchord sets a new standard for immersive musical experiences, captivating audiences on multiple sensory levels. Harden’s ingenious design unveils the internal mechanics of the piano, showcasing the magic behind the music and establishing a visual connection between the performer and the audience.

      To enhance its visual appeal, each string can be subtly illuminated, offering a clear representation of the hammers’ impact and intensifying the sensory experience. The absence of a lid may potentially alter sound dynamics, directing the music more directly toward the audience and creating an even more immersive listening experience.

      Constructing a frame capable of withstanding the immense tension of its 18-ton strings will be a big task, and achieving the perfect tone with this untested shape demands meticulous craftsmanship.

      Despite these challenges, the Ravenchord embraces modern practicality, offering a compact alternative for urban spaces where traditional grand pianos may not fit. Its design also allows for a 20% reduction in weight, making it more manageable and portable for musicians worldwide.

      Harden’s innovative vision brings in a new era of piano performance. As we await the first built prototype, the Ravenchord looks to reshape the piano’s role in concert halls and homes.

      ravencord piano with chair

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