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      These 2 ads appeared next to each other in Sau Paulo, Brazil. McDonalds and Burger King have both used OpenAI’s ChatGPT to generate these ads.

      What is the most recognizable hamburger in the entire world? asks a typographic poster made by McDonald’s using ChatGPT. And the next day Burger King gave its own response, asking, “And which is the biggest?”

      It’s good to see the font color shift to symbolize the many layers of a Big Mac and a Whopper, the ads themselves are pleasingly simple, letting the text do all the talking. The text itself is straightforward and educational, just as you’d expect from ChatGPT. It gives information about the Big Mac’s history (“First introduced in 1967….”) and the size of the Whopper (“a robust and satisfying Burger”).


      McDonalds and Burger King using AI marketing ads


      These two fast food chains, have distinct marketing styles helping them build strong brand identities. Both focus on promoting their food and attracting customers, but their approaches differ.


      McDonald’s Marketing Style:

      • Consistency and Uniformity: Known for its consistent branding across different locations and countries. The golden arches logo, the red and yellow color scheme, and the “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan are instantly recognizable worldwide.


      • Family-Friendly Image: Targets families and emphasizes a welcoming and enjoyable experience for children and parents alike. Happy Meal promotions, Ronald McDonald, and PlayPlaces are examples of this family-oriented approach.


      • Mass Appeal and Globalization: Marketing strategies aim to cater to a broad audience. They often introduce menu items that have global appeal while adapting to local tastes in different countries.


      • Emotional Connections: Frequently uses emotional advertising to create a connection with consumers. Their commercials often evoke feelings of happiness, togetherness, and nostalgia, appealing to customers on an emotional level.


      Burger King Marketing Style:

      • Edgy and Bold: A more edgy and provocative approach in its marketing. They often challenge conventions and competitors, aiming to stand out from the crowd. Their campaigns sometimes employ humor and sarcasm to capture attention.


      • Focus on Product: The marketing strategy often revolves around highlighting the quality and taste of its products. They often feature close-up shots of their burgers, showcasing ingredients and unique offerings like the “Whopper” or “Impossible Whopper.”


      • Targeting Younger Audience: Frequently targets a younger demographic, including teenagers and young adults. Their marketing campaigns often embrace trends and popular culture references to resonate with this audience.


      • Social Media Engagement: Known for its active presence on social media platforms, using humor and witty exchanges to engage with customers and generate buzz.


      McDonald’s focuses on consistency, family appeal, and emotional connections. Burger King adopts a bolder, product-centric approach targeting a younger audience.

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