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      Over the last 10-12 years there has been a rise in new sports brands coming to market. I have noticed the rise of some of these brands from their early days, promoting on Instagram. It all started with Gymshark and the amazing success they had. They were a new brand, worn by so many influencers and their logo was very mondern and attractive. The minimalist sharkhead design worked so well on the clothing and now has become very recognizable. They have a young customer base, so all their clothing follows the modern, simple yet clean look. I’m sure they inspired many other brands.

      Gymshark logo

      Gymshark logo

      • Fits target demographic
      • Simple, Modern
      • Great design – Clean looking
      • Typography is simple, bold and uppercase, it works really well, the font weight is on point.
      • Colours used work well. Sometimes use white logo on black background or blue logo on white background.
      • Formal logo that means business


      Then came brands like Castore and Squatwolf. These brands also follow that modern, simple and clean look. They have worked hard on making their materials fit for the fitness industry, and are always looking to add new technologies to their clothing.



      They aim for the higher end of the Fitness industry

      Castore logo

      I initially (2016-17) thought the logo was weird, when first seeing them promote on IG. I thought they were a brand that was just trying to make it in the industry. But their logo has grown on me over ther years and I can see how fitting it really is.

      • A Clean Logo
      • Fitting for the target demographic
      • Has that higher value look to it
      • Is on so many sports shirts
      • Typography is good, the bold letter have plenty of space between them and font size is perfect for achieving that the dominance of the winged logo.
      • The simple colours used are good. White logo on black background.
      • Formal logo that means business.



      I heard they make great clothing that fits well and is light weight.

      SQUATWOLF logo

      Not a big fan of the logo, thought they wanted to be the next Gymshark.

      • Clean design, Really simple
      • Looks good on the clothing
      • Works well with their demographic
      • Can see what the logo is – bent legs in squat position.
      • Typography is bold, uppercase, and leaning right. The font weight carries well.
      • Colours are fine. Black logo on white background.
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