Innovative ‘Giraffenap’ Sleeping Pods Transform Power Naps

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      Japanese ingenuity takes a leap forward with the ‘Giraffenap’ standing sleeping pods, a creation of the renowned KOYOJU Plywood Corporation. These avant-garde sleeping pods offer a unique solution for those seeking a quick recharge, enabling power naps while standing upright, whether it’s in the bustling office or the cozy confines of a coffee shop.

      Innovative 'Giraffenap' Sleeping Pods Transform Power Naps

      The Giraffenap concept has recently materialized in partnership with the Nescafe Sleep Cafe in the trendy Harajuku district. Here, patrons can savor their coffee and seamlessly transition into a refreshing 20-minute power nap within the standing sleeping pods. Each Giraffenap pod is thoughtfully designed, with cushioned support for the head, buttocks, shins, and soles, ensuring that users can enter a nap state without compromising comfort or posture.

      The creators of Giraffenap proudly reference collaborative research conducted by Hokkaido University and Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University. This research suggests that napping while standing can lead users to reach the elusive second stage of sleep, characterized by lighter breathing. With Giraffenap’s standing sleeping pods, the aim is to facilitate this rejuvenating experience, allowing individuals to return to work or other activities without the typical post-nap grogginess.

      Innovative 'Giraffenap' Sleeping Pods Transform Power Naps

      Two Distinct Models: ‘Forest’ and ‘Spacia’

      Giraffenap’s innovation extends to its product offerings, with two distinct models catering to diverse tastes and settings. The ‘Forest’ model embodies the essence of wooden saunas, featuring lattice woodwork and the warmth of wooden surfaces commonly found in modern Japanese design. Whether placed in a corporate office or a tranquil retreat, this standing sleeping pod fosters an atmosphere of serene relaxation. Equipped with an air purifier and air conditioner, it ensures optimal ventilation and comfort during all seasons.

      Inside the ‘Forest’ model, users can fine-tune their experience by adjusting arm pads and seat height through conveniently located panels. Seat covers are water and oil-resistant, allowing for easy cleaning. The customizable ambient lighting, offering seven different levels of brightness and light types, lets users create their ideal sleep environment.

      Innovative 'Giraffenap' Sleeping Pods Transform Power Naps

      In contrast, the ‘Spacia’ model transports users to a galactic realm with its space-age design. Featuring a streamlined, triangular polyhedron-shaped ceiling and a neutral white base color, it seamlessly integrates into any office environment. Safety is paramount, with a noncombustible melamine laminate interior, tempered glass windows resistant to fire, and equipped with fire detectors and an automatic extinguishing system.

      Both models share adjustable cushioned seating and arm pads, along with exceptional noise insulation to ensure peaceful nap times. For those facing chatty coworkers, a wearable soundproof Bluetooth microphone is provided, allowing users to muffle unwanted disturbances.

      In rigorous testing, Giraffenap’s standing sleeping pods have demonstrated their ability to withstand extreme tremors, replicating seismic conditions akin to the Great East Japan Earthquake’s Haga wave.

      As these innovative sleeping pods redefine the art of power napping, individuals can now enjoy a refreshing break, whether they are in the heart of the city or an office in need of a moment of serenity.

      Innovative 'Giraffenap' Sleeping Pods Transform Power Naps

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