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      In the realm of alternative fuels, be it electric, hydrogen, natural gas, or biofuel, there exists a palpable air of curiosity and enthusiasm. However, the accompanying infrastructure to support these innovative modes of mobility often lacks the same level of excitement. Enter Philippe Starck’s HRS BY STARCK, a hydrogen distribution terminal that dares to redefine the conventional refueling experience, injecting a futuristic flair into the mundane act of filling up.

      Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) By STARCK

      Unveiled amidst the grandeur of COP28, the global climate event hosted in Dubai, Starck’s brainchild presents a radical departure from the norm. Encased within a sleek, polished stainless steel box adorned with an orange-red mirrored window that gracefully transitions in color, the hydrogen refueling station is a visual spectacle. The clever use of dichroics, a technique that splits light into a vibrant spectrum of colors, imparts an almost ethereal glow to the station, skillfully highlighting the invisibility of hydrogen.

      In a line drawing sketch, Starck showcases his vision, featuring the HRS BY STARCK hydrogen distribution terminal with its distinctive three pump handles.

      Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) By STARCK

      “Hydrogen is clean; it is nothingness, an ether,” muses Starck. “It is obvious that the HRS BY STARCK hydrogen refueling stations had to be dematerialized. No style or design, for an object that has already disappeared like everything intelligent that exists.”

      The French company HRS, short for Hydrogen Refueling Solutions, specializes in providing hydrogen refueling station solutions tailored for captive fleets, trucks, buses, and passenger vehicles. Beyond just transportation, they cater to the broader spectrum of mobility, industrial, storage, and energy markets. While the prospect of encountering one of these futuristic fueling stations on a street corner remains slim, insiders within the European transport industry may witness the debut of the first HRS BY STARCK hydrogen dispensers sometime in 2024. Brace yourselves for a visually stunning, dematerialized future of refueling.

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