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      A popular online and mobile app for home design and interior decoration. It allows users to create 2D and 3D floor plans and design the interior of rooms with a variety of furniture, textures, and decor. The app offers a user-friendly interface, and it is easy to use for people with no prior experience in home design.

      With Planner 5D, you can visualize your home design ideas and experiment with different layouts and decor options. You can create and save multiple projects, share them with others, and collaborate with friends and family members on design ideas. The app also allows you to view your designs in virtual reality, which provides a more immersive experience and helps you to visualize the final look of your home.

      Available for free with limited features, or you can purchase a premium subscription for full access to all features and tools. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, and web browsers, making it accessible to a wide range of users.



      1. Start by creating an account on the Planner 5D website or app. You can sign up using your email or social media account.
      2. Once you’ve logged in, choose the type of project you want to create, such as a room design, floor plan, or home design.
      3. Use the drag-and-drop interface to add walls, doors, windows, and other structural elements to your project. You can adjust the dimensions of each element as needed.
      4. Add furniture, decor, and other design elements to your project by selecting them from the Planner 5D library. You can browse by category or use the search bar to find specific items.
      5. Customize the look of each item by changing its color, texture, and other properties.
      6. Use the 3D view to preview your design in real-time. You can navigate through the space and see how different elements look from different angles.
      7. Save your project and share it with others. You can also export it as an image or 3D model.
      8. If you have a premium subscription, you can access additional features such as advanced rendering and virtual reality mode.

      These are just the basic steps, and Planner 5D offers many additional features and tools to help you create a unique and personalized home design.



      1. Easy to use: Designed to be user-friendly, even for people with no prior experience in home design. The drag-and-drop interface and intuitive controls make it easy to create and customize your design.
      2. Accessible: Available on multiple platforms, including web browsers, iOS, and Android. This makes it accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their device or operating system.
      3. Customizable: Vast library of furniture, decor, and other design elements. You can customize each item to fit your personal style, and you can also create your own custom elements.
      4. 3D visualization: The 3D view allows you to see your design in real-time and from different angles. This helps you to visualize your ideas more accurately and make changes as needed.
      5. Collaboration: Allows you to share your project with others and collaborate on design ideas. This is particularly useful for couples or families who want to work together on a home design project.
      6. Virtual reality: If you have a premium subscription, you can use Planner 5D in virtual reality mode. This provides an immersive experience and allows you to “walk through” your design before you make any changes in real life.

      Its accessibility and customization options make it a popular choice for homeowners, renters, and professionals alike.



      1. Limited features: The free version of Planner 5D offers limited features, and some of the more advanced features are only available with a premium subscription. This can be a drawback for users who want to access all the available tools and options.
      2. Learning curve: While it is designed to be user-friendly, there can still be a learning curve for users who are new to home design or 3D modeling. It may take some time to get used to the interface and learn how to use all the available tools.
      3. Internet connection: Cloud-based app, which means that you need a stable internet connection to use it. If your connection is slow or unreliable, this can make it difficult to work on your project.
      4. Limited object library: While the object library is extensive, it may not include all the specific furniture or decor items that you are looking for. This may require you to create custom items or find alternative solutions.
      5. Realistic representation: While the 3D view provides a good representation of your design, it may not be entirely accurate or realistic. This can make it challenging to visualize how the final design will look in real life.
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