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      A gigafactory is a very large-scale manufacturing facility that produces high volumes of a specific product, usually in the realm of advanced technology. The term was first used by Tesla, for its large-scale electric vehicle battery factory in Nevada, which is called the “Gigafactory 1.” The factory is designed to produce high volumes of lithium-ion batteries for Tesla’s electric cars and energy storage products.

      Gigafactories typically have a high level of automation and are built with the intention of producing a large volume of products at a lower cost than traditional factories. They often involve advanced technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to optimize production efficiency and reduce waste.

      Other companies have since adopted the term “gigafactory” to describe their large-scale manufacturing facilities, including companies in the electric vehicle, battery, and semiconductor industries. Giga comes from the Greek word gigas, which means giant.

      By the end of the 2020’s analysts say there will be 16 Giga factories in Europe with an annual production capacity of 446 Giga watt-hours. Europe would be behind China. By the end of the 20’s Germany wants 200-gigawatt hours of capacity. 70% of the world’s Giga factories are in China, where they¬†want to be making 1887 gigawatt-hours of batteries for use in electric vehicles, and energy storage.

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