Gravity Launches Street-Side ‘DEAP Trees’ for Rapid EV Charging

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      Gravity, an infrastructure startup focusing on electric vehicle solutions, has launched DEAP Trees, a new series of street and curbside chargers. These chargers allow EV owners to quickly charge their vehicles in just 5 to 13 minutes. Designed for Gravity’s 200kW and 500kW DEAPs, first revealed in March 2024, these new installations aim to create the largest fast-charging network in the US.

      Gravity Launches Street-Side ‘DEAP Trees’ for Rapid EV Charging

      Inspired by Lamp Posts

      In collaboration with design firm Rangr Studio, Gravity created a sleek design for DEAP Trees. Each charger features a swing arm that extends the charging cable to the vehicle, similar to a Swiss Army knife. After charging, the arm retracts, hiding the cable to prevent tripping hazards. This design eliminates the need for drivers to bring their own cables and seamlessly blends into urban landscapes.

      Gravity Launches Street-Side ‘DEAP Trees’ for Rapid EV Charging

      Fast and Convenient Charging

      Gravity’s DEAP Trees can provide up to 200 miles of range in 13 minutes with a 200kW charger or in just 5 minutes with a 500kW charger. Despite their power, these chargers are slim and unobtrusive, serving multiple vehicles simultaneously without major utility upgrades. Gravity aims to exceed the reach and speed of existing networks like Tesla’s Superchargers.

      Gravity Launches Street-Side ‘DEAP Trees’ for Rapid EV Charging

      Future-Proof and Smart City Ready

      The elegant design of DEAP Trees allows for future smart city integrations like traffic cameras, LED lighting, 5G, public WiFi, air quality sensors, and public communication systems. These additions enhance urban infrastructure while offering rapid EV charging.

      Gravity has launched its flagship EV charging center in Midtown Manhattan. With DEAP Trees, the company promises much faster charging times compared to existing Level 2 curbside chargers, surpassing Tesla’s Superchargers.

      A New Era for Urban EV Charging

      Gravity’s DEAP Trees mark a significant advancement in EV infrastructure, combining fast charging with smart design and future-ready technology. These chargers are set to revolutionize urban EV charging, making it more convenient and accessible, leading to a greener, more efficient future.

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