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      The Ford Mustang logo, like the car itself, has a distinct and recognizable design. A brief history of the Ford Mustang logo:

      1. First Generation Logo (1964-1973): The original Ford Mustang logo, introduced with the first-generation Mustang in 1964, featured a running horse within a circular badge. The horse, known as the Mustang emblem or Mustang running horse, was depicted in a galloping motion with its mane flowing. The logo had “Mustang” written in capital letters above the horse.
      2. Second Generation Logo (1974-1978): In the second-generation Mustang, the logo design was simplified. It featured a more angular and stylized representation of the running horse. The horse was still depicted in motion, and “Mustang” was written in capital letters above it.
      3. Third Generation Logo (1979-1993): The third-generation Mustang logo saw a return to a more detailed and realistic representation of the running horse. The horse had a sleeker and more muscular appearance, with “Mustang” written in italicized, cursive lettering above it.
      4. Fourth Generation Logo (1994-2004): With the fourth-generation Mustang, the logo underwent a significant transformation. The running horse became more aggressive, athletic, and three-dimensional. The “Mustang” text was separated from the horse and placed beneath it in bold, uppercase letters.
      5. Fifth Generation Logo (2005-2014): The fifth-generation Mustang logo retained the aggressive and muscular running horse but featured a more streamlined and refined design. The “Mustang” text was reintegrated into the logo, appearing in bold, uppercase letters along the bottom.
      6. Sixth Generation Logo (2015-Present): The sixth-generation Mustang logo, introduced with the current iteration of the car, showcases a more dynamic and energetic running horse. The horse appears in a forward-leaning position, embodying speed and power. The “Mustang” text is incorporated within the logo, flowing along the bottom in a bold, stylized font.

      Throughout its history, the Ford Mustang logo has consistently captured the spirit of the iconic muscle car. The running horse emblem and the accompanying “Mustang” lettering have become synonymous with performance, style, and the thrill of driving a Mustang.


      Ford mustang logo history

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