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      Design is making things simple and easy to use, while being aesthetic. Good design is when you use something and don’t really think about it while using it or after using it. It causes no real stress on your thoughts.

      10 principles of good design

      1] Macbook Pro

      The new apple macbook pro 16 inch

      Apples MacBooks are really a joy to use. They are so well designed, look really attractive and do exactly what you need them to do. Every year they try to make them better designed by making them easier to use. Ex. I have the 2015 MacBook pro and you have no touch id, the new models do making it easier to log in, no need to type your password every time. The same goes for the touch bar on the top, before it was buttons but now its a touch bar that adapts to each application you use. Design should improve things and make things easier while still looking very aesthetic.


      2] Smartphones

      The latest smartphones design

      Apples iPhone, Samsungs Galaxy and others have really designed and created devices that we can’t live without. They come with everything you need, like the cameras and app stores that have been designed and implemented really well. The shape, look, feel and UX of these things are effortless and make it so simple for the user, that we don’t even thing about the time, money, people power and effort that has gone into making these things. Thats how you know they have done a good job, by not even thinking about the device in your hand.

      Know of any more examples, add them below. I will keep adding to this list as I think of them.

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