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      Best UI Sites:

      1. Behance: Inspiring Designs from Around the World

      Behance stands out as one of the premier websites for UI designers seeking inspiration. It showcases a plethora of stunning creations from talented designers worldwide. The platform’s dedicated management team handpicks new creative works daily, covering diverse fields such as design, fashion, illustration, industrial design, architecture, photography, fine arts, advertising, typography, animation, and sound effects. With Behance, you can explore a vast array of captivating designs to spark your imagination and fuel your own creative endeavors.


      1. Dribbble: Empowering Designers with Free Prototyping Tools

      Dribbble not only offers a platform for designers to exhibit their work but also fosters a vibrant community where design experiences are shared. The quality of designs on Dribbble is consistently high, attracting photographers, designers, and creators from various disciplines. While access to Dribbble is not open to everyone, aspiring designers can obtain an invitation code from fellow professionals to showcase their own work. Explore Dribbble’s wealth of talent and leverage their free prototyping tools to enhance your web and mobile app designs.


      1. AWWWARDS: Celebrating Excellence in Website Design

      AWWWARDS distinguishes itself by focusing on the realm of website design. Its mission is to recognize and promote the best in creative web design. Web developers can submit their websites to this platform, vying for the prestigious year-round submission award. By participating in AWWWARDS, designers can gain recognition for their innovative approaches to web design and be inspired by the exceptional works of their peers.


      1. UI Movement: Showcasing Exceptional User Interface Design

      UI Movement specializes in user interface (UI) design and curates the best works from Dribbble. For designers interested in UI animations, UI Movement provides a curated selection of the finest app UI designs for every element imaginable. Explore their collection and find inspiration to elevate your UI designs to new heights.


      1. Flickr: A Treasure Trove of High-Quality Visual Content

      Flickr serves as an image and video hosting service that offers an expansive array of visuals covering practically every subject under the sun. It has become a favorite platform for UI designers due to the abundance of high-quality photos and videos available. Whether seeking inspiration or storing your own images, Flickr provides an unparalleled resource for UI designers to find captivating visuals.


      1. Land-book: Inspiring Beautiful Landing Pages

      Land-book caters to designers, web developers, product owners, and startups who seek inspiration for crafting beautiful landing pages. Within Land-book’s extensive collection, you can find a wide variety of websites that showcase exceptional design. Regardless of the project you’re working on, Land-book offers a constant source of inspiration to help you create something extraordinary.


      1. Site inspire: Showcasing the Finest Web and Interactive Designs

      SiteInspire serves as a showcase for the finest web and interactive designs. Its search functionality allows you to explore designs by styles, types, subjects, and platforms. With a carefully curated selection of websites, SiteInspire offers an abundance of inspiration. Additionally, you can even submit websites you admire to be featured on this esteemed platform.


      1. Mobbin: Unveiling the Latest Mobile Design Patterns

      Mobbin presents a meticulously curated collection of the latest mobile design patterns derived from top-notch apps that exemplify exceptional design. Drawing inspiration from 130 iOS apps and over 6,000 patterns, Mobbin offers valuable insights and ideas to elevate your mobile design projects.


      1. Uncovering Outstanding E-commerce Websites

      For those seeking to design exceptional e-commerce websites, this site stands as the go-to resource. With its extensive collection of the top 2,027 e-commerce websites, categorized by directories, platforms, technologies, and traffic, empowers designers to explore successful e-commerce designs and glean valuable insights.


      1. Lapa: A Dedicated Collection of High-Quality Landing Pages

      Lapa was created to inspire designers, provide design resources, and facilitate skill improvement. This dedicated platform curates a collection of high-quality landing pages that is updated daily. Immerse yourself in Lapa’s vast array of designs and stay ahead of the curve in the world of landing page design.


      1. Sitesee: Curated Gallery of Modern Websites

      Sitesee offers a meticulously curated gallery of modern websites, allowing you to browse through captivating collections. With a diverse range of designs, Sitesee offers a source of inspiration for designers seeking contemporary web design trends.


      1. Pttrns: Unleashing the Finest Design Patterns and Resources

      Pttrns provides a comprehensive collection of design patterns and resources, serving as an invaluable asset for designers. The navigation bar allows users to easily find design elements categorized by device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Watch) and other relevant categories. Unlock a world of design possibilities with Pttrns.


      1. Uplabs: Discover and Share Resources for App and Web Development

      Uplabs offers a collaborative platform for designers and developers to discover and share resources for building apps and websites. With a focus on web, iOS & macOS, and Material Design, Uplabs curates the best user interfaces, experiments, open-source apps, libraries, and ready-to-use products. Explore Uplabs to discover innovative resources and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of design.


      1. Onepagelove: Showcasing Beautiful One Page Websites

      Onepage Love takes pride in being the leading showcase of beautiful one-page websites, templates, and resources. With a vast selection of templates available, Onepage Love offers designers a wealth of inspiration for creating visually stunning and user-friendly one-page websites.


      1. Pinterest: Discover and Share Inspiring Visual Content

      Pinterest, a renowned platform for images and videos, serves as a hub for individuals to discover new ideas and find inspiration across various domains. UI designers can explore a wide range of content, including designs, home decorating, and food recipes, among others. Engage with other users through likes, comments, and repins, fostering a collaborative community that fuels creativity.


      1. CollectUI: Daily UI Inspiration Collated from Dribbble

      CollectUI acts as a comprehensive platform that aggregates daily UI inspiration from Dribbble. While the site showcases Dribbble shots, users can navigate to Dribbble to leave comments or connect with designers. Discover a wealth of UI inspiration on CollectUI and get ready to take your designs to the next level.


      1. FigmaCrush: Extensive Collection of Figma Design Resources

      FigmaCrush stands as the ultimate collection of design resources for Figma users. This curated list encompasses UI kits, mobile and website templates, icons, wireframe kits, and other inspiring Figma design assets created and shared by the Figma community. Expand your design possibilities with FigmaCrush.


      The best UX design inspiration websites:


      1. Smashing Magazine: A Wealth of Learning Resources for UX Designers

      Smashing Magazine serves as an invaluable resource for UX designers, offering a variety of learning materials on web design, app design, web development, and more. With well-written articles and insightful content, Smashing Magazine equips UX designers with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.


      1. Mockplus Blog: A Hub of UX Design Insights and Resources

      Mockplus, a faster and simpler UX design tool, boasts a blog that covers a wide range of topics, including prototyping, UX design, UI design, and more. Additionally, the blog provides numerous design templates and resources available for free download, empowering UX designers with practical tools and inspiration.


      1. Designer News: Engaging Design Forum Community

      Designer News serves as a thriving design forum community where designers from all corners of the world share interesting links and timely events that prove invaluable to UX designers. Engage in discussions, discover new trends, and connect with fellow professionals to foster your growth as a UX designer.


      1. UX Magazine: A Platform for the Latest UX Design Trends

      UX Magazine serves as a prominent blogging platform for UX designers, delivering up-to-date information on UX design trends, insights, and news. The platform also offers opportunities to apply for UX jobs, making it a comprehensive resource for staying informed and advancing your UX design career.


      1. Creative Bloq: A Profound UX Design Resource Platform

      Creative Bloq stands as a professional resource platform for UX designers, encompassing a wealth of material on web design, graphic design, illustrations, and more. With its diverse range of content, Creative Bloq provides UX designers with a rich source of inspiration and knowledge to enhance their craft.


      1. UX Design Edge: Comprehensive UX Design Resources and Training

      UX Design Edge goes beyond offering quality article resources by providing UX training courses and consulting services. Through their comprehensive offerings, UX Design Edge equips designers with the necessary skills and expertise to excel in the field of UX design.


      1. Medium: A Hub of UX Design News and Insights

      Medium, a comprehensive blog platform, hosts a vast collection of resources on UX design. With a plethora of articles and news pieces dedicated to UX design, Medium provides an excellent opportunity to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the field.


      1. User Experience Stack Exchange: Community-driven Q&A for UX Experts

      User Experience Stack Exchange serves as a question-and-answer site for user experience researchers and experts. With a community-driven approach, anyone can ask questions, provide answers, and engage in discussions. The platform features a voting system that ensures the best answers rise to the top, making it a valuable resource for UX designers seeking answers and insights.


      1. Interaction Design Foundation: UX Design and Interaction Design Resources

      The Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) serves as an interactive design organization that offers a vast collection of UX design and interaction design resources. With IDF, UX designers can access a wealth of knowledge, articles, courses, and other valuable resources to enhance their skills and expertise.


      Other design inspiration sites

      1. Curated Design Links for Inspiration and Learning stands as a valuable resource for designers, curating a daily selection of design links that span various disciplines, including UX, UI, typography, and more. With, you can discover insightful articles, tutorials, tools, and design inspiration from across the web, making it an essential destination for designers seeking to broaden their knowledge and stay inspired.


      1. Webdesignernews: Stay Updated with the Latest Web Design Trends

      Web designer news offers a curated feed of the latest news, trends, and resources in the web design industry. With a focus on delivering relevant and timely content, this platform keeps designers informed about emerging technologies, design techniques, and industry updates. Stay ahead of the curve and gain valuable insights to enhance your web design projects.


      1. Design Milk: A Blend of Design Inspiration and Cutting-Edge Creativity

      Design Milk is a popular online publication that celebrates design in all its forms, including architecture, interior design, art, and more. With a sleek and modern aesthetic, Design Milk showcases innovative designs, interviews with creative professionals, and inspiring visual content. Explore Design Milk to discover unique perspectives, emerging trends, and a fusion of art and design that will ignite your creative spark.


      1. A Platform for UX Design Insights and Community serves as a hub for UX design professionals, offering a wealth of articles, case studies, and industry insights. This platform fosters a community of UX designers, providing a space to share experiences, discuss best practices, and gain inspiration from fellow professionals. Dive into the extensive collection of UX-focused content on and enhance your understanding of user experience design.


      1. NN/g Nielsen Norman Group: In-Depth UX Research and Usability Insights

      The Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) is a leading authority in UX research and usability. Their website offers a plethora of valuable resources, including research reports, articles, and training courses, all aimed at helping UX designers create intuitive and user-friendly experiences. With NN/g, you can stay informed about the latest UX research findings and gain actionable insights to inform your design decisions.


      1. Creative Boom: A Hub for Creatives in Design and Beyond

      Creative Boom celebrates creativity in various disciplines, including design, art, photography, and more. This platform features inspiring articles, interviews with creative professionals, and showcases of innovative projects. By exploring Creative Boom, you can immerse yourself in a vibrant creative community, discover new trends, and find inspiration to fuel your own design endeavors.


      When it comes to UX design inspiration and resources, these websites offer a wealth of knowledge, insights, and examples to fuel your creativity and help you stay at the forefront of the industry. Explore these platforms, engage with the design community, and continue to evolve as a UX designer.

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