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    Some popular and highly rated Sketch plugins that are widely used by designers:

    1. Craft by InVision: It is a suite of plugins that includes tools for prototyping, content creation, and syncing with InVision’s design platform.
    2. Sketch Runner: It provides a quick and easy way to navigate through Sketch files, run commands, and access plugins.
    3. Abstract: It is a version control plugin that helps you manage and collaborate on Sketch files.
    4. Sketch Measure: It allows you to easily create and export design specifications and style guides.
    5. Stark: Is a color contrast checker that helps you design accessible interfaces.
    6. Anima Toolkit: It provides features for creating responsive designs, high-fidelity prototypes, and documentation.
    7. Rename It: It simplifies the process of renaming and organizing layers and artboards in Sketch.
    8. Iconify: It provides access to a large library of icons and allows you to easily search, customize, and insert them into your designs.
    9. Magic Mirror: It enables you to create realistic mockups and prototypes by reflecting designs in real-time on different devices.
    10. Zeplin: It is a collaboration and handoff tool that helps you share design specifications and assets with developers.
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